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Jaci Hayden
Mommy to two wonderful little girls on earth and one precious little boy in heaven
Mommy to two wonderful little girls on earth and one precious little boy in heaven


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Golden Book First birthday
I thought of doing a Golden Book birthday party and then had a really hard time coming up with how to pull it off!  I found a few examples on Pinterest and a few baby showers done in this theme, and they were all so darling!  Here is my version of a Golden ...

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Little sisters
Last November, I was 32 weeks pregnant with Case's second little sister and was experiencing contractions.  With a cerclage in place, I didn't think much of it.  I told my doctor about the contractions and we agreed to a check up a few days later.  She wasn...

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4th Birthday
Sweet boy, how has it been four years since we first met you?  I really don't know how time flies by so quickly.  It seems like just a week ago that I was in the hospital, meeting you for the very first time.  And yet, it also feels like my arms have been y...

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Little signs
I tend to look for things to remind me of Case as I go through my days.  Recently, I saw a car with a Case's birthday as the license plate.  I took a picture and sent it to the one person I knew would think it was a beautiful coincidence.  NOV6TH The thing ...

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Bird mobile
Choosing a mobile for the nursery is the hardest decorating decision for me.  I knew that I wanted a fun fabric this time around, and I planned to base the room off of the colors in the fabric.  Walking through Walmart, I found this fun print made by Waverl...

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Case is 3!
It's always hard knowing how to celebrate the birthday of someone who isn't with you.  I worry about doing too much or too little, never really knowing where to draw the line or even knowing what feels right for us.   But birthdays come and we roll with the...

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Rainbow Brite costume
Years ago, I was Rainbow Brite for Halloween.  I decided to give that costume one last go and had my daughter dress as Twink to be my sidekick.  My husband even got in on the action and was dressed as the villain, Murky Dismal.  My daughter is now 5 and dec...

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DIY mermaid tail for the pool
I found a little bit of fabric at JoAnns and bought it, planning to make a mermaid blanket for my daughter.  She saw the fabric and begged for a mermaid tail.  There are many tutorials online for how to make them so I looked around and combined the ideas I ...

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The gift of new life
When Case died, I didn't know which way was up or down.  I was completely lost in the sea of grief and feared losing everyone I held dear.  Just 7 months after Case died, I found out we were expecting a new little one.  God gave me a sense of peace and an i...

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2 years old
Birthdays are interesting celebrations.  We all grow and change a little bit every day, but it's on these big days of celebration that we can truly compare a year ago to now.  Unfortunately, we are not able to see you growing and changing as we would love t...
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