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Better Business Bureau Of Mainland BC
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Today 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
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788 Beatty St #404 Vancouver, BC V6B 2M1 Canada
788 Beatty Street #404CABritish ColumbiaVancouverV6B 2M1
Non-Profit OrganizationToday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
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The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Mainland British Columbia, founded in 1939, is a nonprofit organization focused on advancing marketplace trust. BBB provides dispute resolution services for consumer to business disputes and business rating and reporting.
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"They do a great job of keeping the public aware of the seasonal scams out there!"
"He now is setting up shop in London England on Craigslist for the 2012 games."
"...had lots of great experiences dealing with there accredited businesses."
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Gerry Langtry
in the last week
Though out my otherwise unremarkable life, I for whatever reason relied on the well entrenched myth that one could always rely on the BBB to make it right. It would seem that 'times' and how high they hold the bar has changed. Read the BBB website fine print for a reality check (and watch ABC documentary "BBB - Pay for an 'A') They are very careful not to tell you they have zero enforcement authority as to 'participation', mediation, nor arbitration for non - BBB members, - they being a substantial number of businesses. It also won't take long to discover that notwithstanding indisputable evidence against their codrey of paying dubious business owner cum customers they are transparently loathe to lower the rating of these businesses, even when caught red handed. In my seemingly not infrequent case; Surrey Honda rolls back the odometer, sells you $1978. worth of 'Extended Mechanical Warranty' that doesn't exist, $274.charge for installation of imposed optional eqpmt that never happened, provides fraudulent mechanical inspection reports, - the vehicle having no lights, no steering and no front brakes and a prodigious engine leak immediately after purchase, - refusal to make legally compulsory declaration of any of this, and then just to cover their tracks refuses to provide any and all purchase transaction documents. I got all of this for $30,000. My complaint generates tepid enquiry by BBB, (amounting to leaving an unanswered voicemail message to the business owner). BBB then closes the file as "Unresolved". Immediately prior the same Surrey Honda dealer sells a vehicle to a couple, who after paying for it return to pick it up the same afternoon pursuant to pre-delivery prep, - finding it has been resold to someone else for a higher price. Further, despite a lengthy history of really egregious complaints and reviews BBB reduces their rating from an 'A+' to an 'A', then to no rating whatsoever, so not to offend. Only recently to further cloud the water, they assess the company an F then a D-, and only in the last couple of weeks back to an A. Huhh? One it seems does not want to upset a potential paying 'Member'. Arguably discouraging, (except for dodgy businesses). I would contend, the Vancouver Business Bureau is equally disreputable if not worse than most of the really shady characters they purport to investigate.(read, essentially encourage) I would further contend they do a lot more posturing than consumer oversight. A quick read of their equally abysmal ratings indicate they additionally appear to rig their own rating scores despite their only lousy reviews. My mother used to term it "insult to injury". Listen to your mother. What a waste of oxygen.
• • •
Rob C
3 months ago
All the bad reviews you read here about the BBB are correct. They have no clue of the facts. The BBB tries to extort businesses by posting negative reviews. They are a joke. Even if you thoroughly dispute the complaint or the customer is lying, they still leave the complaint on file to make you look bad. With thousands of clients, you will always run into a few that have problems and will go out of their way to try to ruin your businesses reputation after asking for unrealistic demands. Look at how many bad reviews the BBB have online here and realize there are likely hundreds more that never post. It's nice to see them take a public beating and all complaints against the BBB are legitimate for sure. The 5 star reviews are likely fakes.
• • •
Rob Hadley's profile photo
Rob Hadley
7 months ago
This organisation masquerades as a quasi official body and makes arbitrary judgments about businesses they know nothing about. In our case someone contacted them when they failed to quit smoking following a quit smoking session. The client failed to fulfill a series of exercises, made no sincere effort to quit smoking, failed to come in for a second (free) session as she had committed to if she struggled to end her smoking, and instead went straight to BBB. In such a case firstly we would work with her to overcome her smoking through a series of exercises. Secondly we would assign a second therapist to assist her. In this case she made no effort what so ever to address her failure to quit. No second try, no commitment to work on the issue whatsoever. BBB simply took her at her word, did not follow up when we responded and pointed out our stated policies and process online. They made no attempt at resolution. We work with many clients and help over 87 percent end their smoking. Those who fail usually do so because they do not do a series of simple exercises which help in letting go of smoking - these include a little exercise, getting to the sauna to sweat out the toxins and getting a healthy breakfast each day for a two week period. Every client commits to this, and we encourage the clients to reach out to us if they struggle. We've been doing this for many years with great success. All BBB did was judge, with no information. There was no attempt to verify the false story the client provided. There was no dialogue entered into. These people are a disgrace and should either get their act together or stop damaging businesses that do a great deal of good work.
• • •
Response from the owner - 6 months ago
Hi Rob. We understand your concerns and you are welcome to discuss them with us at any time. 604-682-2711 Regards, BBB Serving Mainland British Columbia
Mike Kuemmerle's profile photo
Mike Kuemmerle
5 months ago
BBB has no idea, or understanding of the businesses people are complaining about. There are two sides to each story. BBB is about as useless as wet toilet paper.
Randy Ogrady
a month ago
a whiners paradise. Full of fake reviews against businesses that wont "pay" for an account. It's worse than reviews off facebook. Picture this, someone has a complaint, valid or not its irreverent. They post on facebook to "rate the business 1 star" or "give this business a "negative review" So 40 of their friends do that and the business looks like its the worst in the world. BBB doesn't investigate. its just a space for lies and criminal behavior. People object to whats called "slap suits" but they are needed in today day and age to minimize the fake reviews by people who haven't even used their services.
• • •
Wind Walker's profile photo
Wind Walker
3 months ago
Absolutely ridiculous these people should be put out of business! "Better Business Bureau" for whom are they better for, the crooks that's who"I have a case against a business unresolved they've closed the file unresolved and they still give these people an B rating are you frigging kidding! this company has two previous complaints against them is this how they were resolved? well its off to small debts court I will be going! Any business that these people recommend should be avoided at all costs! Anyone defending them and giving them a good rating most likely work for them!
• • •
Joyce C
a month ago
Great way to check out the company before doing any business with them. Great way to report a company when they misled you or rip you off by supplying you with unusable products.
Maui Girl Maui
a year ago
The Better Business Bureau is a group of unprofessional people who will take any bodies complaint about anything or any product. Then the BBB will proceed to try to extort money from the business. The BBB takes the complaint from any one off the street and do not validate the complaint. They contact the company that the person complained about and try to sell the company a membership accreditation. If the company does not want to buy the BBB membership...a problem starts. They put information on the internet that there was a compliant about a company. Then the BBB trys to get you to pay to use them for dispute reolution to solve your problem that they have plastered bad things about your company all over the internet. If you don't buy their membership or buy their dispute resolution...they continue..defammation of the character or your business is All Over the Internet. The BBB is a huge SCAM. The BBB is preying on business's to make their money. Just remember the BBB will take a complaint from any person..even a psycho crazy person and use it against your business to extort money from your business. Just investigate them and you will see. WARNING: All Business Owners - Take Caution. and Consumers- the BBB don't care who they sell an accreditation to- all they care about is the money..
• • •


The Jouta Performance Group's profile photo
Loved the video, looks like a really fun team building day!
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On March 4th, Better Business Bureau serving Mainland British Columbia unveiled a new website under the popular URL to make searching for business information and tips even easier.

The new BBB website includes a powerful new search function so users can easily find business information from anywhere on the website.

"We recognized the need to improve our web service experience and we are sure consumers and businesses will be pleased with the results," says Danielle Primrose, BBB of Mainland British Columbia President and CEO. "At our core, BBB will continue to provide consumers with current data on the marketplace, and specifically information on Accredited Businesses who are screened, approved and continually monitored on performance."

Visitors to will see a visual design that captures the many landscapes of British Columbia, plus it features a simple menu system to search for businesses, get quotes on jobs, and find other relevant consumer information.

In addition, BBB is now more tailored to work on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, emphasizing attention to technological changes to the way people search.   

The revamped website was developed based on consumer and business feedback and these new innovations pave the way to grow even more loyal customers of the BBB.
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