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@icantbelieveitsnotbutterUSA "You're teeth are so yellow, I can't believe it's not butter!" I know what you're going to say now " you can do BUTTER than that!" To which I will reply, "Only MARGARINEly!"

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What did you give/get for Mother's Day?

.just kidding she would probably hate you forever for implying she has yellow teeth...Just hit up the convenience store and pray she doesn't find that receipt. 

Who all has used the Zero Peroxide Whitening Pen? What did you think?
The EU thinks that peroxide based whitener are so dangerous, the banned them in 2012. Only very low concentrations (too low to whiten teeth) are considered safe. Your best best for whitening you teeth is to use a product, like Zero Peroxide, whose main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Instead of harming teeth, it actually helps!

It's almost Friday! What are your big weekend plans?

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Hey Everyone! What do you guys think of our new website design?

Ok, let's take a vote! Comment below with your choice for our first giveaway.
1. Free non peroxide teeth whitening gels for a year
2. Free complete non peroxide teeth whitening kit
3. Free non peroxide teeth whitening pens for a year
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