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A bit of geolocation for everyone to have a go at.  I'm hoping we can find the exact location one of the munitions used in the alleged CW attack in Damascus.  It's been claimed it's been fired from the north in this blog post
I'd like to confirm that by finding the exact location on a satellite map.  Aside from the photos in that article we also have video footage
أحد الصواريخ الكيماوية التي لم تنفجر في الموقع الذي تم استهدافه بالكيماوي في الغوطة الشرقية
الصاروخ الكيماوي الذي سقط على الغوطة الشرقية وشهادات عيان من الناجين 22-8-2013
حقيقة ما حصل - شاهد عيان من مجزرة الكيمياوي في الغوطة الشرقية 21-8-2013

This might be the best chance to prove where this munition came from, and obviously it would be significant if it was from the north, as claimed in the blog post.
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Is it possible that the munitions were fired from the Qaboun area here (33.550444,36.33178) as rockets are regularly fired from this area (see: هـااام جدا || القابون - لحظة إطلاق الصواريخ من ثكنة الوحدات الخاصة نحو الغوطة الشرقية 25-8-2013 from today). This would indicate they were fired from the north, but not sure if munitions of the type/size seen in the images can be fired from the launchers seen in the video. Just curiousity on my part. We'll check this out and see what we can find.
I've asked the local media centre if they can confirm the location as well. 
That puts it in the Zaynia region, where we believe much of the ordnance impacted. Rough location - 33.520565,36.355378 - lot of open ground in the area, tough to geolocate precisely.
It's frustrating, it seems like the place, but the map and videos are a pain to work with.  If it is, then it would be definite proof it came from the north.
That was the area I kept coming back to, but the visual information just wasn't strong enough for me to be completely confident.
Did you check it on Bing birds eye view? Seems clearer.
Thanks to @koincheking for pointing that out to me on Twitter, btw.
Comparison number one.

 At point 1 you can see a structure that appears to be slightly lower than the rest of the 2 storey buildings it's part of (maybe a factory or commercial building).  

Behind that building on the right there's another 2 or 3 storey building that's no visible, but to the left, point 1, there's a multistorey building.  I believe you can just make out the five rows of windows on the building
Comparison number two.  

This time it's a photo taken facing south, showing the position of the munition is quite close to the west corner of the building.  You can make out quite some distance in the background a set of buildings, which is reflected on the map.  Not a great piece for confirming the location as you can't make out the details on the sat view beyond it being a few storeys tall, but it does seem to confirm there's nothing directly behind or to the side of the west side of the building
I think these would need a launcher around 280mm-330mm in size, but I'll hopefully have accurate measurements soon.
Hard to say from that video I think.
Comparison number three.  

The camera is to the east of the munition, facing north.  At point 1 we see a 2 or 3 storey structure that's part of the factory/commerical building just north of the field.  That partly blocks the view of point 2.  
You can just make out the small balcony on the corner of the building on the sat view, then the four windows to the right.  There's then a black area, and the next building.  
Between points 2 and 3 there's a gap where the road and 1 or 2 storey building is, then the building from comparison number 1.
Comparison four.  

This time the cameraman is facing east.  At point 1 we see a low building in the foreground, behind that at point 2 we see two buildings side by side, and at point 3 another building in the distance.

Point 4 is a building in the far distance, and point 5 are two buildings to the north of point 4. 

Distance makes this one tricky, but so far there's been nothing that really stands out as not matching.
Comparison five.  

The cameraman is stood near the west end of the building, face southwest 

Point 1 is the building to the west, which in the video you don't get to see the top of, but it's clear it's taller than the part of the building at point 2.  There's then another structure behind it at point 3.

At point 4 you can see the distant buildings, and their alignment match what you'd expect to see from that angle. 
That's it for the night.  I have to say that based of those comparisons, even without the best quality satellite imagery, it seems pretty hard to imagine there wouldn't be at least one glaring difference if this was the wrong location.  I don't know what the rest of you think?  It would seem to strongly suggest the munition came from the north, and that means it could have come from a lot of Syrian military bases.
"The SNC said rockets loaded with chemicals were delivered to Gen Tahir Hamid Khalil and launched from an army base housing the 155 Brigade, a unit of the 4th Division, in the Qalamoon mountains north of Damascus."

That's directly north of where the rocket was filmed, the rocket that appears to have been fired from directly north of it's final location.
Playing catch-up here after a few days' leave. Great work +Brown Moses. I reviewed your post thoroughly and also checked historical Google Earth imagery where I wanted more detail on the buildings. I'm very sure that you have the right spot. As +Joe Galvin mentions, this is about 250m from the only specific location mentioned by activists in early and local reports of the strikes — Zaynia ( 
NYT appears to be basing its info on SOHR data. "according to the London-based Syrian Network for Human Rights."
Took a quick look at these videos. Does the area in any of them look familiar +Brown Moses? They are tagged as Zamalka. 
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