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Must Have Knits
Happy Friday Guys!!! Actually I'm kinda faking my happiness, I'm still sick but what's really upsetting my day is that our kitten has disappeared. We're all distraught here in my house and it's so frustrating as there's nothing we can do except sit and hope...

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Christmas Accessories
Guys I cannot believe it is less than two weeks to Christmas!!! This hands down has to be the most unorganised I've ever been - I don't even have the decorations up yet (oh god this is so not me, I hate being sick) - anyway I'm not panicking everything will...

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Christmas Cover-Ups
It's Friday but I don't have that Friday feeling, actually I'm feeling crap, sore throat fluey head just meh....yuk!! You know when you're feeling fluey all you want are feet up, cozy blankets and hot drinks. But this painful throat is stopping me from enjo...

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Your Winter Scarf Collection
It's Monday the start of a new week and for me it's also the start of an exciting (mixed with a whole load of scary) adventure. I'm setting up my own fashion styling business which I plan to launch in the new year. You can't hear me, but know that I am scre...

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What Shoes to Wear
The black trouser is a key staple wardrobe piece. And this season it's also a key trend - which will make it easy for you to find a pair in your favourite shop! I really like these ones from Zara. They have a cropped leg for showing off your favourite heels...

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Day-time Dressing
Since I began working as a fashion buyer for the Arboretum 4 years ago and having to all of a sudden wear a uniform (yuck I even hate the word) I've found that on my days off I tend to choose jeans to wear. The thing is I'm not sure why that is it's just a ...

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A Wearable Statement Piece
I'm having a lovely relaxing Sunday off and I hope you are too! This morning I treated myself to a lie-in until 10.30, that's always a good start to a day off. Last night I went for delicious tapas and cocktails with my Sister and a friend and it was just s...

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Three Stylish Ways to Wear your Denims
Denims you are adored!! I literally wear mine everyday, the only time I give them a break is for a night out or an occasion when I will tend to choose a dress. I'm confident in making the assumption that like me you also live in your denims.  The idea, when...

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How to Accessorise a Print
I love that we have become more adventurous when it comes to dressing for an occasion, dresses are not the only outfit you'll see us ladies donning at a wedding for example. Jumpsuits, trouser suits and skirts are almost as popular a choice for dressy event...

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How to Accessorise One Dress Three Ways
I love nothing more, than having bought an outfit for an upcoming event, realising it's time to start accessorising it. Selecting jewellery and matching up a bag and shoes to my new outfit, is for me when the fun begins. It's most definitely a passion of mi...
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