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I go to bed at 11PM and this is how you repay me, universe?  For shame!

Picked up a $900.00 suit at Jos. A. Bank this week for less than $300.00.  I had been checking prices at different retailers for a while, and they had an awesome sale (70% off).  Is nice.

UT lost to the Gators.  What a disappointment.  Still had a great time, though.

Upgraded to ML.  Using Messages as my Multi-Protocol client.  So long Adium and Trillian.  Now if we only had Skype support...

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A new freebie being added to GraffitiSuite for Paying customers...

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Just a sneak peek at a class that's coming to GraffitiSuite soon.

Well, my Real Studio production server is finally up and running.  Had to do it in a way I'm not real happy about, but it works.  Currently on lock-down, but waiting to be unleashed on the world.

Real Software should change the language name.  Drop the "basic".  What about just calling it REAL?  Something like...
Reduced Expression Adaptive Language
Just go ahead and make that check out to me.  ;)

Any suggestions for new GraffitiSuite classes?  Getting ready to start on one request, and would like to add another for August release.

Well, the tree that fell in my backyard is officially cut up and at the road for pick up.  What a tiring day.
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