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isn't the mobile hangout feature available for honeycomb? if it is, where can I find it?
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1. Google+ is Open to Public. No more invites needed.
2. Search in Google+. Everyone has been wanting this for a while.
3. Hangouts with screen sharing, whiteboards, doc sharing. My wish granted.
4. Hangouts On Air - kind of like Live Streaming I guess.
5. Hangouts on your phone (only with front-facing cameras)
6. Hangout API - in case there was more we needed developers to build.

Read the blog below for more details
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wow... you can search for profile id in the google+ search :D
+Ade Oshineye is there any chance that the search feature gets enabled in the json api, soon?
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two things i already learned today:
1. html source doesn't validate if you use less
2. since :before and :after doesn't work with the input tag (there are no childelements allowed for input), you've to use <button type="submit"></button> to style submit buttons.
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facebook learns from google+... the new subscribe feature imho solves one of facebooks main weaknesses in social interaction.
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hurm... google really releases an api without search feature? Oo
just list and get... i really hope that at least the pagination does work correct, in contrast to the buzz api.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao-tzu

I’m super excited about how the Google+ project brings the richness and nuance of real life sharing to software, and today we’re announcing our first step towards bringing this to your apps as well by launching the Google+ public data APIs.

These APIs allow you to retrieve the public profile information and public posts of the Google+ users, and they lay the foundation for us to build on together - Nothing great is ever built in a vacuum so I’m excited to start the conversation about what the Google+ platform should look like.

Please follow the link to the blog post to find out what exactly we’re launching and you can find the technical details on how to use this on our new developer site at

I’d also like to take a moment to introduce my team who will be joining me on working with our developer community (ie: you!) and answering any questions you may have about the Google+ platform on our discussion forums.

We’ll all also be doing a bunch of Hangouts over the next few days and beyond to talk to you directly and hear what you think of the +Platform as well as helping with any coding questions you may have, so make sure to add them to your Google+ developers circle!

+Timothy Jordan
+Jonathan Beri
+Ade Oshineye
+Will Norris
+Jenny Murphy
+Wolff Dobson

Now let's see lots of re-shares on this post & let's get this party started!
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still no google music, netflix, google movies or comparable street view coverage, etc etc in germany.
but voice control for android is finally available in german :D
therefore the search widget found it's way back to my homescreen.
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just updated the chrome extension to maximize photos in google plus.
download link for the new version:

really don't know why they change the classes of the html elements continuously, which results in broken plugins.
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does anyone know if there is something like a SD to micro SD adapter and if it's available in Germany?
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just tried adobe muse beta...
it's very small air application... maybe interesting for quick prototyping, especially for designers.
but there isn't air support for linux anymore.
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