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A fresh perspective on brands


How can you draw satisfaction from work that’s not personal?

For many of the world's most successful people the work / life divide is a myth.

What do we even mean by that metaphor of by that divide between life and work? That we feel dead at work? I think that's what used to be known as a Freudian slip.

So surely it's time for business 2.0.

Not cut throat, or dog eat dog or focussed only on the bottom line. Business is and should be taken very personally.

I believe that business should be our greatest force for good in the world - potentially an agent of change and the most likely vehicle to transport humanity into next phase of our conscious evolution.

Anyone with me, do please drop me a line and joint the movement to make the business world a better place.

Because this world is our business and its is the driving force and lifeblood of modern society. So lets not act in a detached manner about business as simply a tool for making money to survive.

In truth businesses that work to and promote higher standards - ethically, philosophically and, dare we say, spiritually - are seeing a remarkably positive effect on productivity, customer satisfaction, loyalty - while still improving the bottom line.

James has given presentations and help workshops for the D&AD, St Martins, BBC2, UKTV, and many other colleges and Universities.

James is creative and strategic consultant for hire.
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