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Domenico Bettinelli
Catholic, conservative, Mac, iOS, Dad, Husband
Catholic, conservative, Mac, iOS, Dad, Husband

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I have a PANASONIC LUMIX G Lens, 25mm, F1.7 on a Lumix DMC-G5K and for some reason it won't focus. I have autofocus turned on in the menus and my other lens, an Olympus 40-150mm, works just fine. Any ideas?

So does anyone have any good Hazel workflows? I have a bunch, but I'll share my photo workflows here.

I have two rules for dealing with photos on my EyeFi card. I have an older EyeFi in my Micro 4/3rds camera that automatically downloads new photos to my desktop computer when it detects it's on the home Wifi network.

That's when two different Hazel rules kick in. The first one imports the new EyeFi photos into Photos, where they are incorporated into my iCloud Photo Library, just like my iPhone photos. The second rule then moves the imported photos to my network-attached storage for archival storage.

Another photo-based workflow helps me ensure my wife's iPhone photos get imported into the main family Photo library. I put an app on her iPhone called CameraSync that automatically downloads new photos to a particular Dropbox folder that she shares with me every time she arrives home. Hazel then imports those photos into Photos.

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A bee flew in my house and was so sedate I took some macro shots. 
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In case you missed it: a new episode of +Catholic Weekend in which +SQPN's new Executive Director, +Domenico Bettinelli, is introduced! In addition to Dom, the other panellists included +Maria Johnson, +Steve Nelson, +Jeff Nielsen, +Fr. Cory Sticha, and Fr. +Roderick Vonhögen. Episode 296 is now ready for download at     

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What, if anything, is your parish or ministry doing to take advantage of the visibility being brought by the Pope's visit to the United States? Are you holding special events? Special Masses? Viewing parties? Special social media campaigns?

I liked the Mac-based small business show. I would love to hear similar shows about different kinds of business. I would describe David's legal practice as a white-collar service business. How would someone use Macs and iOS for a blue-collar service business (plumber, construction, private eye)? How about retail? Small manufacturing? 

Much would be the same, I think, but I believe there would be some unique workflows and processes that could inspire some ideas for people who work in different industries.

Transporter users: Do you notice that the desktop software has a massive memory leak? If my Transporters do a big synchronization, they end up eating up all my RAM. On my iMac, it was reporting 15GB in use! This was after thousands of files synched, but it has exhibited similar behavior when it was hundreds or dozens of files.

Coincidentally, all the notifications for those thousands of files also took down Notification Center, I'm pretty sure. It was not responding and was using over 12GB of memory. I had to force-quit it.
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