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Robin Leventhal
Life is delicious ~ enjoy every bite!
Life is delicious ~ enjoy every bite!


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Another amazing year with Premier Chef's Dinner supporting the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. We set a record again and raised over $756,000 for cancer research!
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Confession: It's Holiday cookies that cause me to loose any self control!
one of my favorites are Chocolate Crinkle cookies. They are the most lovely and complete any holidays platter.  I love playing with their flavor adding orange extract in the base and cinnamon to the powder sugar.  Almond and cardamom. Or my personal favorite, mint extract for a sweet and cooling rich winter bite.  Quality of chocolate matters folks! Get a nice block chocolate, skip the Hershey's chips on this recipe, REALLY!

Yield 6 dozen 1” cookies
¼ #         Butter
1#           Chocolate chopped (use a good quality block bitter of semisweet)
1 cup      Sugar
4 ea        Eggs
2tsp        Vanilla Extract
3 cups    All Purpose Flour (use 2 ½ cups for a spreading cookie)
½ tsp      Salt
1 tsp       Baking Powder
Melt butter and chocolate together and let cool
Mix eggs and sugar until pale yellow and fluffy, add extract and incorporate.
Add chocolate mixture to sugar and egg mixture and mix well
Mix flour with baking powder, salt and if you are adding flavors like cayenne or espresso powder, mix into flour first
Now mix flour into the chocolate egg mixture and chill for an hour to set batter.

With a small cookie scooper scoop dough into balls and roll well in powder sugar. Be sure they are well coated with powder sugar!
Bake on parchment for 5 minutes at 350 degrees
Let stand a few minutes before removing to a cooling rack. 

Flavor combinations:
Replace vanilla with Orange Extract and add cinnamon to the powder sugar
Replace vanilla with Almond Extract and add cardamom to the powder sugar
Add Cayenne to the base & cinnamon in the powder sugar to make a Mole cookie
Mint Extract for a cool, rich and refreshing variation
Espresso powder in the base for a mocha variation

Any flavor you like with chocolate will work well here, let your creative juices flow!

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Cooking Class combined with Ceramics - The art of Food presentation
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