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I've lived here since August 2015 when it was called The Hype and it's been a constant disappointment since then. The only redeeming things about this place is the maintenance staff (they get busy sometimes but they are kind and do a good job) and it's close to McLane so it's a quick walk during football season. I originally moved into a 3/1.5 floor plan with roommates. The rent was cheap but definitely not worth it. We furnished our apartment but I let them know before I moved in I didn't need the twin size bed it came with since I had a full and they said it would be taken out before I moved in but it wasn't. I kept reminding them to take it out since it was just sitting in the living room and taking up space but it took them over a week to do it. My room was so small. If you have a twin it shouldn't be too bad but this is what eventually made me move to a 1/1. When I moved to my 1/1 the current management was not in place. They've changed people so many times I can't even remember everyone I had to deal with. This is one of the biggest issues I had a problem with. Everyone said something different and it caused so many communication issues/rule changes that it only inconveniences people who have lived here in between management changes. They lost my rent once and they called me to say I hadn't paid my rent and would start charging late fees. I had to go take them a copy of my bank statements and screenshot of when I paid rent in the portal for them to finally see something was wrong on their end. The 1/1 was much better. The bedroom is huge but again they left the bed that came with the place in the apartment and they wouldn't take it out so eventually I had to stack my bed and have a 4ft tall bed because they kept ignoring my request. When I told them it had been done in my 3/1.5 they said the manager that approved it was a different woman and they would have to ask the new one if it was okay just further exemplifying the issue of change of management/rules. When I moved apartments they said I did not change utilities with Simplebills even though I had so they were trying to charge me $60 even though I was on auto pay with Simplebills. I settled it with one management and Simplebills and when they changed to the current management they again approached me with a $60 charge. I had to tell them I had already settled it and they said as a one time exception they would let it go. At some point I had to get in touch with Mike Kivitz (possibly the new owner?) about a maintenance request to fix my shower and he was nothing but rude. It never did get fixed. The shower will drop tons of water from both the shower head and tub faucet every single time, making the hot water go out very quickly. I put in several maintenance requests and each time it was not fixed properly. Now for the kitchen. It doesn't have any drawers which just shows another shortcut they took when doing these apartments. So silverware gets put away in cabinets. The microwave is 8 inches from the stove, always gets condensation on it from boiling pots under it. It seems like a hazard but whatever. THE BATHROOM OMG. Something is either wrong with the sewage system or the walls are so thin you can smell your neighbors going to the bathroom. Not kidding. It's happened several times and I'm not the only one who has noticed it. Each time no one has gone to the bathroom in our apartment yet it smells rancid the closer you get to the bathroom. I literally have to close the door to the bathroom and wait for the smell to clear. Finally, the air conditioning. This problem might just be exclusive to my apartment. It can get up to 76° at night and makes it incredibly uncomfortable to sleep in. Maintenance came to fix it and told me the unit outside the apartment was shot at least 5 times making it leak and they would replace it soon. Not only is this uncomfortable because you're sleeping in a hot apartment but apparently you're also close to people who don't mind shooting off guns in the middle of a complex. I'm looking forward to moving out!!
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The customer service is incredible. After the first time I came in, the staff already knew my order by heart. Incredible people, incredible food.
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