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This is simple.

You are marketing everywhere and you want people to raise their hand and hire you.

There is a simple sentence you can use to open more doors more easily than you ever imagined.

In this video my friend Mike Koenigs will give you a very simple, 11-word sentence you can use.

Mike connects with clients like Tony Robbins, Richard Dreyfuss, Paula Abdul, Jack Canfield, and many others.

You can use the same sentence to elevate YOUR value and YOUR brand ...
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Great landing pages are the best real estate lead generation tools. Create a GOLF niche landing page and a San Diego relocation landing page using Funnel Kit WordPress plugin.

When you purchase Funnel Kit using this link you will receive 10 Real Estate Landing Pages bonus.

You can manage your email using Rapid Mailer:
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You can get 10 real estate landing pages here:

Actually, I think there are 11 or 12 pages ... I keep adding pages. There is a golf relocation page, a NYC relocation page, several HUD Homes landing pages, real estate training and educator pages. All pages are fully customizable.

If you want to get the same pages in a simple TXT file for FunnelKit (mentioned in the video) use this link:
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Frances Flynn Thorsen

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Real estate ads are MUCH more effective when you target a niche (i.e. first-time home buyers).

They are more effective when you target a sub niche (i.e. engaged women who are first-time home buyers).

1. Select a niche market.

Example: Engaged women in Tucson, Arizona.

Watch this quick demo in the image below ... I extracted 1,670 Facebook User IDs in about two minutes (I paused the timer on my ImageCAM while the my extraction tool worked..)

2. Download the info in a TXT file.

3. Upload the TXT file into Facebook to create a Custom Audience.

4. Create multiple ads ... and segment the age groups.

Younger buyers are more likely first-time home buyers.

Older women may be homeowners engaged to me who are also homeowners. They may be consolidated their housing resources ... this may be a listing prospect!

You can get a system to create multiple ads and extract hyper targeted custom audiences here.  ->

** More Ideas For Hyper Targeted Real Estate Ad Groups **

(You can execute all these searches and audiences using Social Scout.)

* Men who  live in [place] who are engaged.
* Men who live in  [ place   ] and who like  [    ] (i.e. Harleys, horses, NASCAR, etc) and who are engaged.
* Fans of  [page] who live in  [place].
* Posts about [event] by people who like [page]
[profession] who lives in  [place]
* Current employers of people who like [page]
* Current [business] employees
* People who work at [business] who live in [location]
* People who like [page] and live in [place]
* People who like [interest] and live in [place]
* People who like [interest1] and [interest2] and [interest3]
* People who work at [business] and like [page]
* People who are not my friends and who like [page]
* Groups of people who like [page]
* Friends of people who like [interest1] and [interest2] and [interest3]
* Friends of people who like [page] and live in {place]
* Pages liked by people who like [page]
* Pages liked by people who like [page1] and [page2]
* Facebook Graph Search is a beautiful thing. 8-)
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+Mike Koenigs wrote an excellent new book ... and it is free this week. I read it and I LOVE it ... I share some of my thoughts about it in an email broadcast I shared with my subscribers today.

Have a great day!
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Frances Flynn Thorsen

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How To Build High Converting Real Estate Landing Pages
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... because a foot fetish predator is stalking them. " This is a new one for me, that's for sure! "Real estate risk" falls under quite a large umbrella. Oy vej. 
Valley realtor Hope Salas was contacted recently by a prospective home buyer with no real interest in the size of a backyard, kitchen or living room.
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"The FAA stated in 2007 that drones are not supposed to be used for commercial purposes,"

"The FAA is writing its rules with three goals privacy, safety, and national security." ~ Russell Riggs, NAR Senior Policy Representative.
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Frances Flynn Thorsen

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I am dancing the Curation Shuffle with +Walter Bayliss Constant Contact plugin ... case study coming up tomorrow.

This is awesome ...
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+C E Morris I used to love those "dancing babies" also.
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Kevin Tomlinson is counted among the "best of the best" in real estate sales and marketing across the country. Kevin's Web presence is so finely tuned and effective "The New York Times" said his web site is the best place for information about real estate in Miami. He enjoys the respect and attention of real estate experts nationwide. I've known Kevin since 2007 and I am increasingly impressed with his savvy and his bold personal style. It is no wonder he is the leading choice for South Beach and Miami referrals by real estate brokers and agents across the country.
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The Lones Group offers impressive marketing service. Denise Lones is a highly respected educator who personifies dignity and integrity in all she does. I believe any real estate agent who is blessed with an opportunity to work with Denise Lones and The Lones Group will walk away with splendid "aha's" and new tools to differentiate themselves in their local marketplace.
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