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Last my followers...
From then Happy Wanderer, A request to followers  - for some reason moving from Blogger to Wordpress does not transfer the existing followers from one blog to the other. Could I ask that you click this ' follow ' tab to become a follower on my new wordpress...

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...the Last Post
For those that follow A Grag Bag of Games I'm happy to inform your that this is the last post. I've moved! Please follow the link to a newer look Grab Bag of Games . A request to followers - for some reason moving from Blogger to Wordpress does not transfer...

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Death in the Dark Continent
It may seem strange to review a set of rules that has been out for well over 6 years. In particular it seems even stranger that a ‘popular' period with its most prolific author delivering his most mature rule set on the subject, should have such a relativel...

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To The Strongest!.....Christian v Moslems, c 12th century
Near all the guys at the club turned up for a ‘big bash’ to put To The Strongest! under a stress test! For those unfamiliar with  To The Strongest!  it is an ancient/medieval game system designed for BIG games though it can handle modest 1 v 1 clashes as we...

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AAR - Battle of Al-El-Kayeb.....Western desert , 1940
A big game. Over the past many weeks the forces of
Graziani and O’Conner have been building for a big game in Egypt, 1940. We
finally got a lot of troops on table and had a right ’ol bash. I was able to field both my Italians in M33 Helmet and the new Black...

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Italian troops - Spanish Civil War and WW2
As intermittent as ever, a number of
projects have been bubbling away. Here we have some recently completed Italian
troops that have been a good while in the painting queue.   These figures are mostly Perry
Miniatures from their WW2 line of Italian metal fi...

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Almoravid Army
Gents, It's been a good little while since the last update, bit a lot has been happening...  ...much has hit the painting table since December and no doubt in the future more to be added. For now I have completed an Almoravid Army that can be used for games...

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Berbers in Blue....
The previous post outlined the colours and methods for fast tracking the painting of the dark clothed berbers that form the basis of my Almoravid army around the time of El Cid (c. 1090s). In this post some snaps showcase finished figures, formed into their...

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Painting African Invaders
Gripping Beast 'plastic' Spearmen, commanded by a Eureka leader (white shield) under the eye of Ben Yusuf (GB), with his champion by his side (Eureka), listening to the word of the Prophet (Artizan). Color choice for the Almoravids is not as simple as it wo...
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