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SHOP TALK: The Benefits Of Modular Design In The Construction Process

The benefits of modular/pre-engineered construction are endless. It provides a multitude of advantages for not only the fabricator but also the architect, general contractor, and client as well. Modular design has gained popularity in various architectural segments including hospitality, residential and the automotive/corporate identity market.

#modular #building #construction #architecture #design #prefabrication
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JOB OPENING: CEI Materials Seeks Estimator/Inside Sales Team Member For Architectural Panel Systems

CEI Materials is seeking an Estimator/Inside Sales team member to provide bid estimates and proposals for our Architectural Metal Panel Systems.

This position is responsible to build and manage long term customer relationships/partnerships with target contractors and architects to secure and retain contractor relationships.

For information on this position please visit:
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CEI Helps Architects Complete Stunning Adaptive Reuse Project In Watertown, Massachusetts

Project Name:The Linx
Location:Watertown, MA
Architect:Spagnolo, Gisness & Associates
General Contractor:Callahan, Inc.
Installer:TR Construction
CEI Materials System:R4000
Products:MCM, Single Skin, Modular
Photography:CEI Materials

The Linx is a $60 million adaptive reuse architectural marvel by Spagnolo, Gisness & Associates (SGA Arch) in Watertown, MA. The building was converted from a concrete warehouse into a contemporary commercial office complex with a design that incorporates daylighting and various exterior-cladding materials. With the concrete replaced with glass, the new building was split into two and will now house a variety of professional industries from technology to health insurance.

#commercial #architecture #metalcomposite #metalarchitecture #perforated #modular #construction #building #design
#sustainability #LEED
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Architects Design Headquarters Extension With The Help Of CEI Fabricated Metal Systems 

Project Name: Sandvik Coromant NJ Headquarters
Location :Fair Lawn, NJ
Architect: NK Architects
General Contractor: Structure Tone
Installer: Supreme Metal Solutions
CEI Materials System: W5000
Products: MCM, Single Skin, Soffit, Louvers, Screen Walls, Prefinished Metal Coping
Photography: NK Architects

Sandvik Coromant was founded in 1862 as the first manufacturer of steel utilizing the Bessemer process, a method utilized to inexpensively mass-produce steel developed in 1856. The Swedish company began making cemented carbide tools in the 1940s and soon became a leader in the metal cutting industry branching into a wide range of industries from biotechnology to defense and aerospace.

The company’s North American corporate campus was built in the 1950s and the 10-acre space was in need of updating. The company commissioned NK Architects to develop a master plan for the space that would showcase the company’s movement into the 21st century.

#architecture #CEIMaterials #sustainability #commercial #design #exteriors #fabrication
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Stunning Potomac Ballroom Boasts Striking Exterior Design With The Help Of CEI Materials

The recently completed Riverview Ballroom is a contemporary addition to the renowned Gaylord National Harbor Hotel and Convention Center in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The $25 million extension opened this year as a free standing meeting space, utilized for private events.

“The design features a curved roof supported by a mast and rigging structure, referencing the nautical history of the Potomac. The 16,000 square foot meeting space sub-divides into eight different configurations, allowing for maximum flexibility,” describes the architects at Blur Workshop.

#CEIMaterials #architecture #hospitality #design #facades #fabrication #roofing
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Architects Complete LEED Silver Renovation Of Historic Library In Massachusetts

Project Name: Holyoke Public Library
Location: Holyoke, MA
Architect: Finegold Alexander Architects
General Contractor: Fontaine Brothers
Installer: Great Lakes Metal Panels
CEI Materials System: R4000
Products: MCM, Vert-a-Cade Screen
Photography: Finegold Alexander Architects & Bob O'Connor
Sustainability: LEED Silver

The Holyoke Public Library in Holyoke, Massachusetts was built by James Clough in 1902. The original structure, after a century of public use, was literally crumbling. With broken pieces of exterior cornice falling daily and water damage throughout, the library was in desperate need of renovation. “A lack of funds, the passage of time and faulty drainage made 40% of the interior unusable by the time the library began renovations,” Finegold Alexander Architects explain.

#LEED #sustainability #reuse #HistoricPreservation #education #publicuse #fabrication #aluminumcomposite #metalarchitecture #exteriors #architecture
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CEI Materials Aids Designers In University of Michigan Renovation Using MCM and Insulated Panels

Schembechler Hall at the University of Michigan serves as an ode to the university’s rich football history. The building is the renovation of the former U of M football operations building and houses the new dedication museum for football enthusiasts devoted to the university’s legendary coach Bo Schembechler.

Scott Vyn, LEED AP, at Integrated Architecture explains, “Our challenge was to create a design that would distinguish Schembechler Hall as the home of Michigan Football while unifying it with its neighbors, Yost Ice Arena to the North and Al Glick Field House to the South.” He adds,  “Materials, proportions and rhythm from the larger Athletic campus carry into the new Schembechler Hall to strengthen and further solidify the Athletic campus, continuing the Michigan tradition through architecture.”

#fabrication #architecture #design #education #aluminumcomposite #canopy #building #construction #CEIMaterials
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Architects Design Contemporary Police Station With #CEIMaterials Fabricated Panels

Historically municipality design takes few risks and sticks within a more traditional approach to its architectural design. These buildings often represent a community’s public use government spaces and remain unchanged for years. Occasionally, municipalities are designed with innovative technologies and modern building palettes, offering a community a distinguished beacon.

The Michigan Police Station in Michigan City, Illinois, replaced a previously outdated, half a century’s old structure, with a sustainable modern alternative. The architects at American Structurepoint’s Architecture + Interiors Group describe, “…this state-of-the-art law enforcement facility provides a long-term public safety solution for officers, promotes energy efficiency, and improves the quality of life in the Eastport neighborhood.”

#architecture #municipality #fabrication #design #cladding #exteriors #sunshading #louvers
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