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For loops and while loops in c#
The loops are used for repeating a statement or group of statement. For Loop: We need the following,to use this loop. 1.A starting value to initialize the loop. 2.A condition for running the loop. 3.An operation to update the loop. Example: static void Main...

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C# switch-case statement
The switch-case statement is also use for making decision. However, unlike the if-else statement,we can't test conditions like "greater than" or "less than". In a switch-case, we can test the value of a variable and decide what to do if a particular value i...

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C# if - else statement
// Try this code int num; Console.WriteLine("Enter a number"); num = int.Parse(Control.ReadLine()); if(num % 2 == 0) {    Console.WriteLine("The number is even"); } else {    Console.WriteLine("The number is odd"); } // Test multiple conditions using the if...

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Increment and Decrement
There are two operators use for increasing or decreasing the values of a variable by 1. The increment operator is denote by "++" and the decrement operator is denoted by "--". Example int num; num =10; num++; After the last statement, the value of 'num' is ...

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C# symbol operator
Operator             Use +                        Addition -                         Substration *                        Multiplication /                         Division %                       Reminder of division Logical operators.They compare two value...

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Data types and variables in c#
Data Type : A data type is specifies whether a variable can store a number, a single character or text. Variables are names given to the memory location for string data. Data Types are used to some commonly use data types in C# are: Data Type          Use i...

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3rd one
another form

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Second app
second java file

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First java
first java app

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second application
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