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Gotta love this...iPhone lost a lawsuit for once that will cost them.

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The cost of being Batman...

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Great article about the Chic-fil-a debate...

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Senator Lugar's concession speech, definitely worth a read for those concerned about partisan politics (NOTE: Lugar (R) was the longest running member of the Senate before losing in his own primary.

Google shows once again why I love them...I was writing an email and said "Attached is...", well...there wasn't an attachment and Google told me that before it sent the email...ahhh, it is the simple things. Now if only they could add that to Outlook.

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For those interested in buying a house or know someone interested, we are selling our first house now. Lots of space in all bedrooms and two living areas means there is plenty of room to work with no matter how large the family.

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They don't build them like that any more...

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For those interested in the Trayvon Martin case, the Sanford PD has the actual facts all available on the website:

Most people debating the issue, they don't want facts, but for those that do...enjoy

Saw this and thought it helped put the government budget/deficit/debt numbers in a much better perspective. Remove some zeroes and pretend it is your own budget…

Your annual income: $ 21,500
Your household spending: $ 38,000
New debt this year: $ 16,500
Your credit card debt: $ 150,000
Recent budget cut: $ 385/yr

Tenants just gave there 45 day notice, anyone know somebody looking to rent in south irving
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