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Pressure Points
Anyone remember Blurred Lines? The first book I completed a first draft of? And remember when I said it was going to be a trilogy? Book Two, Pressure Points, is officially in the works! I figured to celebrate I would release a working cover and blurb. Keep ...

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I'm Back!
Hey guys, it's been a while! Life's been...well, it's been life. A little crazy, a little stressful, a little great. For months now I've been saying, "I need to blog!" and something else always demand my attention before I can post something. Today I said, ...

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Beautiful People #6: Love Is In The Air
February's Beautiful People linkup is about love and shipping!:D It's hosted by Cait and Sky . And I'm seriously beginning to think there's something wrong with my blog because the button never works. Anywho! I'm going to do this for two different stories: ...

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Things To Come In 2015
I put up six posts in December. SIX POSTS!!!!! For most of 2014 I did good to blog once every month. True, two of the posts were agonizingly short with my burst of excitement at finishing my book, then my Christmas post was maybe 20 words and several pictur...

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Recap for 2014 and Goals for 2015
Happy New Year's Eve!! I did a New Year's resolutions post here  last year and let me just say, it didn't go wellXD I completed a grand total or zero of my writing goals! I completed six out of eight of my personal goals and two out of two musical goals. Th...

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Beautiful Books Linkup #3: Let's Talk Editing
The Beautiful Book linkup is hosted by Cait and Sky  on their blogs. It's a linkup they created for writer bloggers to talk about their books. Part one was in October for planning and plotting. Part two took place in November, the month of National Novel Wr...

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I JUST FINISHED A NOVEL FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!!! I'm still in shock, I think. I never did a "NaNo wrap up" post on it because I was so close to finishing it that I wanted to wait. I can do it now!:D Maybe this coming weekXD I'm too busy celebrating righ...

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Best Blogging Buddies Award
I was tagged for this award by two different people, so I'm going to answer all thirty questions in one post. I was tagged by Ginny @ Spirit Working In Me and Rachel @ Secret Scribblings . Rules: 1). You must make a post to show your award on your main blog...

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THIS JUST HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After spending half of the month behind by almost 10K and thinking there was no way I'd win I validated and won with 30 minutes to spare! I am beyond cloud nine right now!!! This was my 3rd NaNo, but my first time winnin...
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