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Vital news & tools for website owners. Only stuff that you actually need to know.
Vital news & tools for website owners. Only stuff that you actually need to know.

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Recommended content: Podcast - What's New and Working in AdWords w/ +Dan Andrews

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Recommended content: Podcast about Direct Mail

Check out this podcast from +Tim Conley & +Jack Zerby on using actual, physical mail in marketing you online business 

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Recommended: Podcast about Landing Pages

+Tim Conley and +Jack Zerby share some great, actionable tips on the 2nd episode of the Marketing For Founders podcast.

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(Oct. 17th): Google launches Real Time Analytics for Profiles in Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets you view real time analytics (so how many people are on your site and what they're doing at the moment) for about a year now. Now it's also possible to view those real time stats within Profiles, mostly meaning that they support filters. For example, you could view real time traffic coming only from social networks or paid traffic.
Here's the full article, although that's the gist of it:

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(Oct. 11th): Most effective Facebook Ads (Normal vs. Custom Audience vs. Exchange)

Back in September Facebook launched Custom Audience ads, which was a way to import an e-mail, id or phone numbers list as a target audience for Facebook Ads and then filter it by pages those people liked, their age etc... The article below shows, that this Custom Audience Ad option gives better (cheaper) results than normal ads. It is not, however, better than Facebook Exchange, which is a retargeting platform, based on cookies.
So, effectivewise: Facebook Exchange > Facebook Custom Audience > Facebook normal Ads
Here are the details:

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(Oct. 16th): Google AdSense gets a few new admin enhancements

As described in the link below, Google AdSense Performance reports gained some enhancements. The important ones are:
- selecting the granularity of data (days, weeks, months) to see smoother graphs
- "Events" overlay on the graphs, which show when you created new ad units etc. which can help interpret it
- ability to add own Events (click a date on the timeline graph), not mentioned in the article below
- new graph types have been added (like pie charts) to ease interpreting the data
- the Country report shows a world map

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Tool: View less biased Google Search Results from other countries

This handy site lets you set different values that you'd have to otherwise modify within the Google Search Results address itself. The results are less biased by your location, language etc... Note that you're still searching from your IP and if you're logged in to Google, it may change the results a bit. Use the incognito mode in your browser to get more accurate results. For almost non-biased results, you have to use a proxy or SSH tunnel. Still a lot better than nothing though.

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(Oct. 16th): Google launched the Disavow Links Tool

If your site lost rankings because of spammy links (in particular you got an "unnatural links" warning in the Google Webmaster Tools, was hit by a Penguin Algorithm update or are a victim of negative SEO), you can now mark those links as to be omitted by Google and thus recover your rankings. The details are at the site linked below. Note that it may easily take a month to see any results.
On this line, I'm not sure if I mentioned it yet, but there was a voice of wisdom from +Louis Simoneau on one of the episodes of the SitePoint Podcast ( ). He said, that if Google simply ignored low quality links that they know of, spammers would still spam new links and some of them would not be caught as low quality links by Google. Therefor, spamming links would be viable. But now you have to select all the weak links yourself, so spamming isn't worth it anymore. Well said!
Here's the full article on the new tool:

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(Oct. 23rd) There was an Google update. 7-result pages dropped by 5% in favor of 10-results. Exact Match Domains gained 10.6% influence. No details were given by Google itself. One of my sites did get hit by this. Source:

Time to get this page rolling again. Within the next days you will see important updates since October 2012 which regard having websites.
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