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Invent Your Own Fun!
Invent Your Own Fun!

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This year's ConStruct went beautifully! Thank you to everyone who came out and shared their excitement, their ideas, their binge alcoholism, and their creativity. 

Some special thanks go out to our Guest of Honor, Joe Bender, for abusing his authority as GoH exactly enough and in all of the right ways! Further thanks to Mike I-Don't-Know-Your-Last-Name, whose varied contributions earned him the esteemed title of ConChair. 

A final thanks goes to +Lucy Kennedy, without whom I don't even think we'd keep throwing this shindig. It was entirely due to her efforts that the suite remained stocked in food and beverage, cleaned, and in general working order for the weekend. This con would have been a small hotel fire and a few arrests, were it not for her organization. 

Until the next party...and until next year as well...!!

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Photos from ConStruct 4...I think you can all add your own photos here...honestly, I have no idea how this works...
ConStruct 4 (Aug 17-19 2012) (12 photos)
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Ready for food, booze, swimming, games, piss-poor poetry, and drunken makeovers? ConStruct starts Friday in Romulus! 

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A new post...tell us what food and beer to buy, also, the room block closes on Friday!

Feel free to answer the questions from the blog post over there or right here!!

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New blog post about our dates (Aug 17-19), location (Embassy Suites Detroit Metro Airport), and randomness. Post: (or visit us on the web at

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We might have mentioned that we had some exciting news related to the LAN party that is throwing at Penguicon this year, and here it is...MPCon is throwing a LAN party, and Penguicon is giving away a bad-ass gaming rig courtesy of MYTHLOGIC.

More info:

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Much swearing. Definitely not work safe...
A friend of the con shot video of the last +Penguicon ConCom meeting. Much swearing and inappropriateness took place (much by yours truly). If you have ever wanted to see how this stuff gets this seemingly endless video.

Sometime I should get the ambition to cut up a 'Greatest Hits' of our meetings and con stuff into one 10-minute long concom wrap video. Sure, that'll get done!!

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Yes, I have blacked out and in protest of SOPA/PIPA. So...there's that, I suppose. :)

Obviously, precious little here. Mostly staking a claim. In my copious free time, I'll get this squared away. (Or, Google will get around to setting it up so that you can appoint 'page managers', then I'll rope one of y'all into doing this! :)
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