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Let's hope ole Harry goes down with this bunch. Arrogant old bastard.

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Can't believe so many so-called adults play these silly games.
Hey there, so are either of you getting weird behavior from your Ingress app? I'm connected to the web, have my GPS/Location on and full XM reserves but my scanner is behaving like I'm out of XM (static fuzz with intermittent glimpses of a map and my location being quite a bit off but atill near where i am the meat world). 

I've tried changing the GPS sensativity to most detailed/accurate, I've tried opening another app that uses GPS andbtgen Ingress, both methods got me no luck. 

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Seems a lot of people on this post have what i call anchor ass. Maybe they just need to move to a different area of the country to find work. IF ALL else fails truck drivers with cdls are needed all over the country at 50 to 100 + thousand a year
"In no state can a minimum wage worker afford a two-bedroom unit at Fair market Rent, working a standard 40 hour work week."
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