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For all you indoor pepper growers, SK602 light review.
Spectrum King SK602 review, unboxing, and PAR testing now available!

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Here is Episode One, Season One of TestLab.

Like I said before, these videos are very informative. I've learned a lot about grow lights in general.


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Hey Pepper Lovers -

So I love me some education, especially when it deals with growing plants (definitely pepper plants).

I've been following Monster Gardens for a while now and love some of there videos. Here's one I like. I'll post another video, which is part of Monster Gardens Dr. Watts TestLab series.

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Hey DU team -

With reference to the Download site, is there a way to move the md5 bubble a little farther off to the right so we can read the DTG (date, time group) of the associated files?

It would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance.

Looking for ideas where to buy some artisan bath soaps. For the past year, I've been buying my soaps from Soap Commander. Love there soaps and will probably continue to buy from them....but... what else is out there. About two years ago I got some soap from WSP and loved the scent, but it seems "heavy" after rinsing...

Anyway, where do you guys get your soap from?

Thanks in advance for your insight.

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Knocked out a bunch of huge chores today and mama called me sweet! Definitely gonna play on that note with these two sweet smellin' heavy hitters.

Excuse me while I go and shave my head... Singing a sweet tune.

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Man... These two just don't get old. Welp, love to chat but I've gotta get my shave on...

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Never be too shy to prune...

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Just thought I'd share this with you all. If you're not following or subscribed to +Everest Fernandez​, you may be missing out on some awesome info.

Hey there DU community -

What's a good icon pack for use with the SmartBar? Right now, I'm using Min (, but I've seen some awesome screenshots, with some cooler looking icons.

Any thoughts?
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