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Another nice 0 degree day in #yeg

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Expecting a package from UPS today - only to find out that it's stuck in Calgary with exception reason:

"Mechanical failure occurred."

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First kick at a time lapse from stills of my reef tank... Watch for the star fish that makes an appearance starting half way!

Checkout: Lego Life of George

Google needs to resolve multiple login problems... I want to be logged into a Google apps sites (spreadsheet) with one account, and google+ with another, in the same browser :/

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MyEmpire App iPhone Version 2.0 update released to AppStore for review. Check out the latest features here.

I have one word... "Dillips"

I'm on G+! Okay, now what?

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Google+ is coming to Empire Avenue as soon as Google releases an API. Go Bug Them!
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