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Teaching English in Thailand!

Many of us have become disenchanted with the lives we are forced to lead in our home countries due to an unstable economic climate, political unrest and excessive working hours for very low pay. If this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place.

Maybe you are not aware of the fact that there’s a HUGE demand for ESL teachers in Vietnam, China and Thailand!

By acquiring your I Teach TEFL 120 Hour on-site TEFL Certification, it will open up a complete new world of opportunities to you as an English Second Language Teacher (ESL)!

Contact us today!! You can be in Phuket Thailand within 3 weeks! It is that easy!


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Listen to Radio Houtstok Online on TuneIn #NowPlaying

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Radio Houtstok Online (Woodstock) - LIVE!!!!

You can listen here:

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If a visit to the tropical island paradise of Phuket is on your bucket list then you should join our Facebook page without further due:

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Teaching English in Thailand is truly an amazing opportunity!

The New school semester starts beginning of November 2016! The best time to secure a teaching position in the tropical paradise of Thailand! It is now the RIGHT TIME time to commit and take that leap of faith!

Contact us today by joining our Facebook page and inbox us your email address for more information.

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Teaching English in Thailand

Want a life of travel and adventure? Want to see Asia, South America or Eastern Europe?

Your "I Teach TEFL Certificate" will be the key that unlocks an amazing world of opportunities!


Join our Facebook page and leave us a message!

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Imagine a university student sitting in a classroom staring out the large window. As the sun pours in and warms their face, the student ponders what it would be like to get away from the world they have always known, and starts to think of a way to go explore the world. The magical thing the student is looking for is TEFL Certificate.

It can take years to get a proper teaching degree that would qualify one to teach anywhere. However, through a TEFL Certification program, it requires only a short training period, ONLY ONE MONTH, after which the world’s door is unlocked.
In Asia especially, there is a constant need for English teachers and many people who have no teaching qualifications were being hired to teach English in China, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. There are also opportunities in Eastern Europe and South America!

In fact, there are many advantages in using a TEFL Certificate as a means to go all around the world, while teaching English.
By having a TEFL certification, the opportunity is there to learn and experience many different cultures and customs, make new friends, gain international working experience, personal growth and freedom, independence and most of all to explore the world. Though it is not required when teaching in another country, you have the opportunity to learn a new language.

Once the TEFL certification is obtained it never has to be renewed. There are many amazing things that can come out of having a TEFL certification and the opportunities are endless.

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When is the best time to get a job to teach English in Thailand?

The Thai school year is composed of two semesters starting in May and November. Semester breaks are April and October.

Therefore, the best time to find a teaching position is at the start of the semesters! No better time to join us than in either September or October! A limited number of positions available! Act NOW!

For more information on how you can start you TEFL teaching career in Thailand contact us today by joining our Facebook page and send us an inbox with your email address!
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