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Maybe something useful to consider while building or planning your WordPress blog structure, also I would love to share this with +Ana Hoffman , +Lisa Irby ,+Brankica Underwood and +CommentLuv .
While working on the new reviews section, I thought to change the way I publish reviews on the blog, I need another way to sort it. I was th[..]
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I am so glad to see more discussions about this. I have been testing this theory on my hair blog I started in 2010 and I'm not ready to confirm anything, but I like what I'm seeing (stat wise) and I can say this....

Aside from SEO, using more pages in my main nav has improved my page views per visitor (which can improve your bounce rate and positively impact SEO in the long run).

One of my pet peeves with blogging is people don't make good use of static pages and have a hodgepode of posts down the page. If you have a news blog that's fine, but every WordPress site is not a news site and people have trouble finding key information.

I know this article is primarily about SEO, but it's also about the user experience (navigating them through your site) and creating static pages often helps people find what they need as you highlight the important, evergreen content that needs to stay visible -- which also impacts SEO indirectly. The beauty of WordPress is you can take advantage of both dynamic and static content. :)
Thanks +Lisa Irby , you have summarized my thoughts perfectly, and glad to know about and see more experiments of yours, till we find the best way that could benefit all!
Interesting observations, Hesham.

The main point that stood out to me was this: you wouldn't go through the process of turning posts into pages just because of higher search engine rankings. However, I would in a heartbeat.

As I mentioned in my original post, I've tested my theory twice now, and both times I ranked highly for pages when I couldn't rank for posts.

This has nothing to do with comments or reader engagement; as you know, both are still possible with a page.

Most SEOs do agree with my theory; check out this one: +Yoast

On another note, I did notice how you did the stars in the SERPs and wanted to ask you how you achieved it.

Willing to share the secret once you clean up the code? LOL
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