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Support my Scouting fundraiser by purchasing Popcorn, Coffee, or send to soldiers.

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So at first I thought it was serious but the Marie Antoinette and the second bit about Michelle Obama make this pretty good satire.

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Water on Mars

Yes, you've heard there's liquid water on Mars.  But have you actually seen it?  Now you have.

This gif shows what's probably salty water flowing in Newton Crater on Mars.   The dark stripes are between 1/2 and 5 meters wide.  Stripes like this appear on steep slopes at several locations in the southern hemisphere of Mars.  They show up in the spring and summer, when the temperature can rise above the freezing point.  They go away when it gets colder. 

The photos here go from the early spring of one Mars year to mid-summer of the next year.  They were taken by the HiRISE camera on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.  That stands for High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment.
These images not new!   Here's a paper about them, written in 2011:

• Alfred S. McEwen et al, Seasonal flows on warm Martian slopes,
Science 333 (August 5, 2011), 740–743.  Available at , free if you register.

So, what made NASA announce now that there is liquid water on Mars?  Could it have anything to do with the new movie, The Martian?
I don't know.

Some puzzles about the movie:

Puzzle 1: why is there no communication apparatus in the living habitat where the Matt Damon character winds up living?  Does the book explain why?

Puzzle 2: what would it actually feel like to be in a dust storm on Mars? 

Puzzle 3: could you really take off in a rocket on Mars with just a tarp on top? 

#spnetwork   doi:10.1126/science.1204816 #mars #astronomy
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Any friends who would like to order some CUB SCOUT POPCORN...
Time is running out, use the order form I attach here and let me know what you want, I can get the money by check or paypal.
USE THE DONATION TO MILITARY OR FOODBANKS if you are far away and don't want to pay shipping or get a snack. 
OR use the link I will put on a comment below... but that is more expensive and has different choices. It does include shipping and will come right to you, and still be credited to us if you ACT BY WED.

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I just started The American Game by my brother Jeff. Kindle version free Tuesday only!
Get it now...

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