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The result of a nice morning of work at sea is waiting to dry.
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very nice. Is this water colour? ;o)
Thanks a lot. This one is oil on board. 30cmx20cm.
I like the vibrant colours. ;o) I am a acrylic girl my self, saves on the drying time. I most admit though I am being tempted by oil.
I used a lot of acrylics myself, because i didn´t want to mess around with toxic fumes and unhealthy stuff like that. But i gotta say, there is a reason why oils are used by so many people:

They are simply wonderful to work with! Hehehe...
hm..Maybe its time to dust off that box of oil colours I have got in my painting chest and give it a go. What kind of soluble solution do you use?
I use a bit of turpentine and a bit of linseed oil. Sometimes one, sometimes the other and sometimes a mix of both. And i use colors without mixing on solvents too.
:) I need to pay my local art shop a visit. I do some impasto work with acrylics ... Hm I think I will try to that with oil and see how that works. Thanks for the soluble advise. :0) 
You might want to use something to make your paint dry faster, since you do impasto work. There is something with Cobalt, but i have no idea how it is called in english.
Oh yea I know what you mean. I think I have heard about that one before. I think I need to go shopping! :0) thank u for the advises. 
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