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Timing belt broke on Miata. Thank God:
a) I was not far from home and my dad could pull me home (incidentally pulling somebody with a strap is illegal in Virginia),
b) I didn't buy parts for the first thing (the ignition) that was obviously not working,
c) That it is easy to change Miata timing belts: Nathanael and I did it in under 4 hours.

My Audi's timing idler once broke, costing me probably 40 hours of pain to take the engine apart, fix all the bent valves, then put the whole complicated V6 back together.

Hurray for non-interference 4-cylinders!

Additionally, their is marked diminution of 27-mile commute quality when a '97 Miata is switched to an '03 Camry. I highly recommend convertibles with sticky tires and high-revving engines.
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