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Wild Speculation
I'm going to veer off from my regularly-scheduled posts to indulge in a moment of pure conjecture. I thought about including this portrait in my post on Pre-1700 cotton printing, but decided it was too speculative. I'll share it here, and perhaps someone ou...

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Printed Cotton Bans
* See  here  for an overview and an explanation of my citation system France Starting in 1686, France
prohibited both the importation of Indian printed fabric as well as
the printing of cottons. The combination of this ban with the
Revocation of the Edict o...

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Pre-1700 Printed Cottons - The Backstory
Notes: I use the word
“cottons” to refer to cotton-blend fabrics as well as pure cotton
fabrics. I apologize in advance for my monotonous use of the phrase
“printed cottons,” but “calico” referred in the period to
both printed fabrics and white goods, while...

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18th Century Printed Cotton Research
Overview I want to share the results of my research, such as it is, into the history of printed cottons. Rather than create one long dissertation-like post, I will break it down by subject. My goal is to clarify - if possible - the quanities and types of pr...

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Bibliography for Printed Cotton Research
I will update this bibliography as my research evolves Bibliography Books: 1.
Printed Textiles 1760-1860 – In the Collection of the
Cooper-Hewitt Museum     1987
– Lisa Taylor & Gillian Moss 2.
English Printed Textiles, 1720-1836     1960
– Peter Floud,...
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