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Oh hai. =^. .^=

BUNNYDOME is ON! Email me for the 411!

This is really dumb. Does anyone know whether there is a way to stop being shown an ad in gmail? I went to hit "delete" and accidentally clicked on an ad above the button and now it follows me EVERYWHERE! It has a creepy old guy with no shirt on and I am sick to death of him! Is there any way to make it stop? Or have I actually discovered the first thing FB does that Google fails at?!?!?!?

A friend said she needed a place to store a "fabulous new couch" for a few days until she can get it to her place. This thing is like it was made for me! I want one, but in pink!

I <3 NY!!! Wish I could be at all the weddings!

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It IS true. That's it, I'm going back to the Well!

I said this elsewhere and I'll say it again: if it really is better to give than to receive, I am in big trouble!

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My friend Jeremy went on tour with Boz Scaggs last summer as an audio tech. He created this awesome video of his experiences.
For those of you who don't know (and for the sake of this whole Google+ thing), I'm re-posting this little video I made showing off what I get to do as a job during the summer. This was shot earlier this year over a two-week jaunt through Texas.

Music... it's this magical thing, it's so meaningful... it can transform an empty room into a welcoming space... it's deeply important to so many people.
Unfortunately, in this day and age it is also frequently used to make a buck (or for some other gain) with no care or respect for itself, by people who just want to harness the magic for their own gain.
I really got to see this over the weekend as my husband shopped around for live PA gear. Some people really LOVE music, they have a passion for it and that is why they are in it. Others are just trying to hustle a buck off somebody else's dream.
We went into the Guitar Center in SF on Saturday afternoon and found it to be an unparalleled sonic assault. Honestly, it was worse than burn night on the playa - because it was all in one room!
One kid kept playing some riff over and over and over again, not quite getting it. I couldn't even tell what it was supposed to be (J says "Sweet Child of Mine" which I think is downtempo Guns & Roses, maybe?) but the whole thing made me want to stick a screwdriver into my ear, and sooner than later. Thankfully he found his rig so we don't have to go back to GC!
Anyway, I got to thinking about why this was (besides the obvious: it's Saturday afternoon in SF and you are in a very tourist-accessible location). It's because this is MAGIC and people want to touch the magic. And most of them have no idea how to go about doing that, or even getting close to it. So you get the celebrity system and MTV and Guitarzan Center on Saturday afternoon, full of wankers who probably wouldn't be if only there was more support for music in schools, or more respect for music as something beyond just a mechanism for profit.
I'm thinking this might be more of an LJ post, actually. If I expand it into one, I will post a link. Oh hai G+!

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Here's what I want for my birthday - which is coming up - not that I think I'm going to get it (this year)!
It's a 1976 Elton John themed pinball machine and they go for around 3k... before freight. I love this machine! It has the perfect combination of playability and themeiness. For now I have to go to the Lucky Juju Pinball Museum in Alameda to enjoy the awesomeness. I'm starting to get pretty decent at it!
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