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Should Google build Instagram or Pinterest?

My first instinct is no.

Instagram and Pinterest aren't magical because of the underlying technology. Between the two of them they own no patents.

Instagram and Pinterest aren't even magical for the user experience. Everything they do can be replicated by talented mobile and web developers.

The reason Instagram and Pinterest are magical is SYNDICATION.

Once I've taken a filtered photo or chosen a curated image, I share it not only with my Instagram and Pintetest followers.

I share it with my Facebook and Twitter followers.

This does 3 things for me:

1. It gives me extra ego gratification for the same amount of work.

2. It lets me get more feedback by employing several of my networks.

3. It invites people I care about on Facebook and Twitter, to join me on Instagram and Pinterest.

My hope is that YouTube is able to learn these lessons.

I've given up hope that Google Plus will ever allow me to syndicate.

All of the messaging around Google Plus has been consistent that this place is separate from the rest of the social Web.

I come here when I want to talk with people who choose not to spend as much time on the other networks.

I neither need Instagram features nor Pinterest features to do that.

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You can always share individual G+ post by URL. Facebook can't do it.
I also come here when I want to talk with myself. 
Aung, Facebook has permalinks.

I set my Facebook to "everything is public" and regularly share Facebook posts in other places. 
sorry, i did not know about permalinks on facebook public posts. Thanks.
And I never understood the point of Pinterest and Instagram to begin with. On a slightly separate point, the morning Instagram was acquired, I asked the next 20 people I met on the street if they had heard of Instagram, and nobody said they had. I think it's really a particular (relatively small) segment of the population talking to itself.
+Adam Rifkin using google+ for talking yourself is a good idea. I have a facebook page exactly to do it.
+Adam Rifkin Good insight. While it IS possible to syndicate comments on G+ elsewhere, it's not a natural part of the experience from a UI standpoint. Perhaps as a result, we come to think of G+ as more of a long-form medium. I agree with your point that like Quora or something, you come to G+ to "talk to yourself".

Personally, I can only hope that the G+ team spends some quality time really thinking about what the personality characteristics are of G+ and what they can do to enhance what's good about it. It's too big now to change its personality to make it more like FB.

FB & G+ suffer the industry-wide envy of the ultra-passive streams created by Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and a swath of imitators. Perhaps the answer is to channel the effort into a new tab form. Break out today's long-form "G+ shares" from Home and add a new stream of shares from third party apps.

If Google got out there and promoted G+ as a means to provide distribution to third-party mobile photo apps, there are many very creative new players out there without the distribution means that would jump all over it.

There are a lot of people out there looking for the next thing after Instagram. Filters are so last Tuesday., and are just a few (BTW: that link thing in G+ is annoying). By creating a distribution means they'll be playing to their strength while creating an interest magnet for G+. Separating out these kinds of "long-form" shares, they'll have a shot at keeping the social circles straight. The home becomes like a unified email box.

Oh, and +Anton Wahlman , I'm going to guess that "the next 20 people" you met on the street were men and you were walking down Wall Street or something. If you had asked average people on Main Street (or even Seventh Avenue) you might have had a very different response.
Jason: I was asking people on the corner of University and Ramona in Palo Alto. In comparison, San Francisco is rural Arkansas.
San Francisco : Stanford Campus :: Rural Arkansas : ?

Marianas Trench? Unless you've never been to SF I don't think you could sanely make that comparison.
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