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Ellya Brill
Stay at hom Mom who loves cooking, crafting, journaling, painting, photography and home decor. and more............
Stay at hom Mom who loves cooking, crafting, journaling, painting, photography and home decor. and more............

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//My Beginner Flower Watercolor Workshop//
Hello, I am very sorry for I have not posted anything for such a long time. There are so many stories I would like to share with you. But I am going to fast forward before I talk about other stories. I have been wanting to conduct a watercolor workshop - an...

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//Lake Maggiore + Venice, Italy Trip//
We were waiting for this trip for over a year. And finally it happened. It was all started almost 2 years a go when my best friend in school "Dina Yassin"  whom is now living in Dubai texted me that she was going to get married and the reception will be in ...

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//Thomas & Matthew//
I think I mentioned before that I love photograph children.   Dawn, Thomas and Matthew's mom asked me,  "isn't it better to photograph a wedding than children?"  I said,  "no! photograph a wedding is an all day event. Plus you have to carry  heavy equipment...

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//LA & Palm Springs - California Trip//
I had only been in LA twice for a short period of time.  The last time I was there before this trip, spent only a couple of days. So when my husband Steven asked to me join him a trip to California for business and a tennis tournament for a week - I said ye...

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//Pretty Brushes Containers Idea//
So if you are an artist, like me - you are likely have ton of brushes, colored pencils, markers, rulers, etc. The question is where are all of those stationery or art supplies being put in? I like them being put in an interesting, unique container I could f...

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//How to Display Paintings or Art Works - Part One//
I always been fascinating with arts and paintings. To me, a room is not a room without any art on it's wall. Since I myself is  "an artist", it's obvious that I like to decorate rooms in my house with arts - "my arts" exactly. I started out by learning how ...

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//How to Start to Paint Fresh Flowers in Water Color//
Actually there is no rules in painting flowers in water color but "practice." If  I have to be honest and come up with one rule is that try to copy the shape and color of the flowers as close as possible. It is actually does not matter if it is not exactly ...

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//Victoria & Todd//
I could not be more excited when a beautiful young lady called me about receiving a gift card from a friend of mine for a maternity photo session. She is the teacher of my girl friend's daughter. Astrid's daughter is very fond of her teacher and she is abou...

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//How to Photograph an Art Work for your Blog//
I have not posted anything for almost a month now. I have been having a severe cough that does not seem to go a way that cause a severe pain on my lower rib cage. I went to a Dr. and "thank God" I do not break any bone in the rib cage but the pain also seem...

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//A Simple Christmas Decor //
I can't believe that it has been almost 2 years we have been living in this house. There is not much change in the decoration in hour home.  But I did add a small decorative items here and there. I did not wish  to have a Christmas tree in the house for Chr...
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