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Jason Darrell
Poetry is dead, rhyme and rhythm sacrificed; Shakespeare, where art thou? Haiku, Jerald Larson
Poetry is dead, rhyme and rhythm sacrificed; Shakespeare, where art thou? Haiku, Jerald Larson

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I dunno why, but this just made me titter. Yes, ol

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If you're interested in either #golf  or #fitness  and you're not following +Alex Fortey (Athletic Golf Training), you're missing out two-fold.

What he doesn't know about either you could fit on the top of a tee...

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I ought to share this, really, as I'm a product of the mind and creative talent, rather than an entity of my own...
Just signed up for this Introduction to Art: Concepts & Techniques course on +Coursera, beginning May 27th.

It's hosted by +PennState EA, lasts for 7 weeks, has a duration of 5-7 hours a week and focuses on interpretation of existing art movements and artists and then uses that as a basis to find, develop and create your own style, using various techniques.

Should be a good craic if anyone wants to join us.  Oh, and being Coursera, it's free. wu-hoo!

If, like me, you've got a bit of an artistic bent but never studied it officially, this should be a rewarding 40-50 hours of your life dedicated to your latent talent.

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Do you think I'll get away with it?

I did paint it, to be fair, to be sure...

It's sad, but I've just had to mute another batch of G+'ers who share absolutely everything they post directly with me.

Have some users not figured out what the circles are for, yet?

1. Find people who interest you/share similar interests
2. Add those people to circles relevant to that interest
3. Post content
4. Only share content directly with circles relevant to the content you're posting
5. If you're not sure whether someone likes the content of your topic, just post it into the public stream - they will pick it up and usually comment on it if it's relevant to them - capice?
5a. If you're not sure whether someone likes the content, you've not got a relationship strong enough with them to justify posting directly to them - so don't.

Stop filling up people's notifications with irrelevant tripe, otherwise you'll soon find you have no one relevant left to share anything with.

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Were there no casualties to tend and he just wanted to earn his crust for the day, or what? Tosser!

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Well, let's face it - in trousers like that, would you fancy changing between brake and clutch sharpish, too often?

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UK referendum on the EU:
- are you in favour of staying put, or is it time for a sharp exit?
Looks like Davey-boy has gone and secured a second term for the Tories with an EU Referendum, then.

Whether Clegg & Co will be party of the next UK administration is yet to be seen.

No doubt figures will be colluded upon to highlight the deficit between the UK's contribution to the EU and the shortfall of return every single year since entering the European Union.

The question is, can the dangley carrot of an EU exit outweigh the further measures of austerity that will no doubt be stated (but subtly) in the Tory Manifesto in anticipation of a return to the polling booth?

If public opinion is weighty enough, we may see a General Election after four years rather than the five currently predicted.

The sooner #10 has a blue-wash, rather than the murky coalition hue that hangs in the corridors of power at present, some form of clarity can at least be planned and adhered to for the next five years...

Which way would you vote, should the referendum come to pass: in Europe, or out?

This is my first post from my Android tablet.
Buggering things has only installed a dictionary with numbers and surnames.
Uploading to Drive hasn't seemed to have worked, either.
Ho-hum, early days. Laters. X

I guess that the majority of people in my G+ Circles have Blogs.

I'm also guessing that, although they produce a lot of content, they do not put Blogging down as one of their occupations.

Yet it is Content Marketing that is the big cog of the universal internet.

My question: why don't Bloggers admit to being Bloggers?

Is their rep that bad?
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