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So, I just learned that blockchains for crypto-currencies are retardedly big.

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GST in this country is a tax charged on all goods and services, not a luxury tax. What do you people think, is the exception this petition asking for fair or ridiculous?

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Parallax in Moon time lapse footage (relative to the stars). Footage from the end of compilation. White squares are reference stars, images scales and rotated as appropriate. Black squares are center of moon.

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Testing light angle of the moon vs earth surface.

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I think a lot of political discussions would make more sense if we replace "the government" or "the state" with "Greg". Thoughts? 

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Always wanting more insight into the human mind, I'll ask this.
Situation: you are working from home and decide to reward yourself with a half hour break. Do you cook and eat some garlic bread or masturbate instead? 
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Garlic bread

+David Lango you not understanding very basic physics and refusing to have an intelligent conversation doesn't translate to me being stupid. 

What is a human? 

Just a thought. If I'm running parameterized connectomes on multiple bodies, can I use something like Perforce to automerge the connectomes? That removes a lot of existential worries about forking your own mind. 
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