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wait. what?? I have Google plus?? I hit this by accident. lol
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Check out this video on YouTube:
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Check out this video on YouTube:

WHAT THE HELL did I just hear....?!?!
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I guess this is my yearly log in on google plus.  Find me on Facebook any day I will be there.  If you don't have FB then.... I cant even...I cant.  I have no words!
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WOW.  This is like, epic.  I was just posting about the gay dudes & all and then Jon Steward sarcastically mentioned about how "far" we have come that sports has allowed him into its (cough) distinguished club which already includes the following - and he included a picture of a well-known athlete to represent each of these examples, so it was kinda like really hard-hitting:

"All in all its a pretty great day for major league sports.  They have decided that gay people are fit to be included in their elite club.  One that has already allowed in 
Wife Swappers
and Slaughterers of Man!  
Those who have abused spouses
family members and animals.  
YES!  At long last, homosexuality is no longer a bar to a profession where you can get away with choking your boss, texting your dick to a co-worker & throwing lit firecrackers into crowds of children.  
Congratulations, gay athletes!   Are you sure you want to hang around with these people?"  
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Surefire way to tell which of your friends/associates/peers/contacts are full of vitriolic hate:   The ones who are spewing out crud today about how Jason Collins is being lauded for coming out, yet Tim Tebow did not get support for when he openly showcased his religion on the football field.  
OMG they're ALL OVER the place with that.  
And as usual, when the hate-mongers get a real catchy hook such as that one, they tend to get really over-excited & just post it everywhere & shove it all in our faces like some kind of pair of 3 day old shit-stained rebel flag underwear. 
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I was doing some thinking....and I shat it all out on my facebook status.  so I think I might re-crap it out here.   
It came out because there is this woman on my facebook friends list who is apparently like the queen mother of the kkk.   Whats that called?  The wizard bitch or something?  So I've been reading her posts - ok wait.  

There WERE two women but one of them - ommfg.....she was horrible.  She was so so so horrible that I took a screenshot of her name & 1 or 2 of the things she said & saved it lol.  I just remember that her name was Sandy Mc Msomething.  I had to unfriend her, she was that bad.   She was like, Hitler came out of hell for a minute & told her to tone it the fuck down.  
She added me + several of my friends for a game but then either quit playing or maybe never played at all.  Maybe she was just trying to spread her seeds of hate to as many Innocents as possible lol.  So I unfriended the ever loving hell out of this lady about 3 days ago when the FB news feed alerted me randomly to her existence & I noticed she was spewing horrific things about the Jews and Blacks lmfao.    Like ... really REALLY really REALLY alarming stuff.  
Not the lovable funny offensive type of material that yours truly posts.  For   I wont.   

Anyway, so tonight what happened was this other dumb ho just took it too far & I cant stand it anymore.  I am so sick & tired of seeing these damn President Obama attacks!!!!  
First of all, he is PRESIDENT Obama.  As in, he's got a damn title before his name, ok?   How about trying that shit back 60 years ago or beyond & seeing how that wouldve went over?  Just walking around referring to President Garfield as simply Garfield?   I'm sure that wouldve gone over real well.    No.  It wouldnt have.   You know why?   Because before now,  every single citizen of the United States was not a total disrespectful piece of crap.    
(I bet it started when we stopped wearing hats.   We shouda kept wearing hats.   Why the hell dont we wear hats anymore??  
Watch any movie set prior to 1970 and every mother fucker in there is wearing a hat outdoors.  I never realized about the outdoors thing until going into the Navy.)

Anyway, so this is what they were up to tonight - both on FB & on the HuffPost blogs:    
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for the love of crap if they dont make finding google messenger easier I swear to shiznit I am leaving & going back to FB & AIM forever
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obsessively listening to showtunes
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