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Continued story of my beginnings into the world of private mortgage investing!

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I have started my own blog! Follow me to begin learning the secrets of investing with sophistication, and how the ultra wealthy have been doing this sort of investing since man discovered the value of money.

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Are you interested in how the world economies will affect us here in the United States? Do you wish you had the inside scoop on WHAT was happening with the markets and WHY they are happening? Would you like to know HOW to prepare yourself and your family while taking advantage of HUGE opportunities in many different sectors as the global markets fluctuate and change? Then you need to sign up for my friend Paul Cunnington's blog! His wealth of experience and expertise will better prepare you and open you up to all the hidden opportunities within a fluctuating market.

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Mr. Magee,
    Please refer your IT personnel to this short video.

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Are the stress's of this life harming you?  Take 15 minutes of your day to REVOLUTIONIZE your beliefs toward stress!

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Hello Florida!  Come one come all, invest in the future!

Success Equation Part I:
I wanted to share something a mentor and friend had shared with me six months or so ago. I can claim nothing from this idea or concept. I trust you will utilize this as appropriate in your life and I pray it makes an impact however big or small. This is called the Success Equation. Here is what the equation looks like:
(((P + T) * As) * Ac) * F= Success.
Now to explain, just like all math equations, the inner most equation (those within the inner most parentheses) must be solved and provide an answer before moving outward to the solution. Keeping that in mind lets take a look.
The "P" stands for your Passion. What you wake up, living, breathing, eating, all day long, every day. This keeps you up late at night, and you wake up early in the morning just to spend a few more minutes doing this one activity. It drives you, it propels you to sacrifice, to satisfy this need.
What is your Passion?
The "T" stands for Talent. A talent is something you find yourself naturally attracted to. It is something that you just easily do and its enjoyable. You find enjoyment and fulfillment and satisfaction from using these talents. Everyone has been blessed by our Maker with talents. This could be from creating something with your mind, to creating something with your hands. It could be public speaking, to solving problems in the quite of your home.
What is your Talent?
Remember a talent has been gifted to your from God. You were born with this. You may not have known you were talented in this area while you were young, but as you have grown and experienced life your talents have manifested themselves throughout your life. You only need to look closely to discover them. A passion must be developed. It is you that makes and creates your passions. The world is yours to discover, so finding your passion, if given some thought and prayer can be exciting and reviving to your spirit and soul. Now once you have found your passion and talent it is necessary to combine these and align them together. once that happens you have "added" one to the other and you can begin to create your destiny of success!
I would like to continue deciphering this equation, however I will continue this on another day! Stay tuned as I will let you know a little more about what my mentor told me about becoming successful!

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Have you been seeking funding for your fix and flips, yet you are tired of "lenders" who require upfront fees? Maybe you have been scammed out of your hard earned investment capital? Are you tired of submitting loan app after loan app, only to have your closing date pushed back repeatedly by so called "lender's"?

As CEO of Spearson Investment Group, I promise we will not deceive you nor will we ask for any upfront fees. Any earnest money deposit's will be held at the closing company YOU choose, or the sellers closing company, not ours. After we receive our own loan application filled out by you, along with an executed (meaning BOTH you and the seller have signed) Purchase and Sale agreement you will be contacted by me, the CEO, to let you know if and how we can help you with that loan. Afraid you might be wasting your time getting all these items together? Then give us a call and discuss what we need to see and your chances of funding skyrocket! We are in the relationship business, call us and get to know what we stand for and how we conduct ourselves!

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I am a private investor in the state of FL and I am looking for rehabbers who are honest and men and women of integrity. If you have tried to seek funding for your projects and have had no luck, then you obviously have not found the right lender. What makes us different?
- Credit Score is not a determining factor
- Our rates and terms are solely based upon YOU and YOUR TEAMS experience in real estate rehabbing and building.
- Our lending is based on the asset and our loan to value is based on After Repair Value.
- We offer Hard Money, Transactional, and Joint Venture Funding Solutions.
- After you submit a loan app with the executed Purchase and Sale agreement we will CALL you, not email, and let you know exactly what our rate and term would be for you specific to that deal within 24 HOURS!
If you are wanting funding and would like to know more about working with a local private investor in the sate of Florida, then you can visit us on the web @ or you can call our Office at 813-474-4429 M-F, 9am - 5pm EST

Hey I wanted to say I woke up this morning, as I am sure we all did, to a sight that made many hearts drop into their stomach.  the DOW and S&P falling, quite significantly too.  You see I have been finding opportunities that offer a way to have an investment secured by real estate, earn much higher returns that that which you may find in a CD, or even many people's 401K's and other investments.  There is a way where someone can participate without having to have the entire amount for a deal.  This in beneficial as you are able to spread your risk among many deals and still earn a collective high return on your investment!  If you would like to hear more about how I have been helping families create and build their generational wealth outside traditional, low return, higher risk investments I would love to tell you about it!
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