Welcome to Life. Whatever's left of it after the End-User License, vendors and copyright cops are done with "you".
I feel a cold tight nausea in my stomach from watching this, which means that Tom Scott seems to have totally nailed the uploaded future we are creating. It's too realistic and too horrific.

I think that specific elements of this, including the creeping copyrights for $18,000 a month, or they are deleted from memory, should be fought at every possible instance.

This could easily be a campaign commercial for the Pirate Party.
I will start taking the Pirate Party much more seriously after seeing this. After all, given Moore's Law, it's likely that "we" will be spending the vast majority of our "lives" in this future than in the current one.

Watch this carefully. Post it. Talk about it. It's a scary dystopia we are building like ants build ant nests or bees build hives, without conscious thought, but out of a social superorganism instinct.

Ramez Naam
The advertiser-driven, copyright-enforced version of uploading. Very clever.

Reese Jones
substrate independent trans humanist life extension transition - restricted by legal terms of services (video 2.5min)

Welcome to Life: the singularity, ruined by lawyers
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