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How to take screenshots in an Apple MacBook?
Are you an Apple Macbook user and wondering how to take the screenshots? You may either take the screenshot of the entire screen or a selected part, depending on your needs. Paragraphs underneath shall provide the necessary inputs in this regard. Steps to t...

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Basic things to keep in mind while using Apple Mac Book.
Possession of a new Macbook brings a feel-good factor in the enthusiasts of the technical gadgets. However, as a new user, you need to know about some fundamental points that will enable you to use the device safely and to the optimal extent.  Paragraphs un...

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What is Grey Hat SEO?
Grey hat SEO is a practice of Search Engine Practice or briefly SEO. Like all the other SEO processes, grey hat SEO also aims at getting a better ranking in search engine result pages. For a better ranking of a website in search engines, SEO is needed. SEO ...

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What is Black Hat SEO?
SEO is basically the process of taking a particular website to a higher ranking. SEO further comprises of strategies and techniques that assist in taking a website to a better ranking. Over the time, SEO tactics evolved and changed. In older times, the most...

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What is White Hat SEO?
In Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, white hat SEO is the collective tactics of approved SEO that is devised to assist a website's ranking to go upwards on a search engine result page, commonly known as SERP. To learn about White Hat SEO and how it works, ...

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What is Spam?
The irrelevant, unwanted and inconsequential emails that are sent to many users for the purpose of advertising, phishing etc. is called spam. Spam not only waste people’s time with non-essential mail, it also uses up a substantial network bandwidth. The wor...

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How to detect that my computer is having malware?
The rising threats from malware, computer viruses, and spyware can severely affect the system security. Malware are a matter of concerns as it can make the computer to go completely out of functions. With that said, you need to take adequate measures that w...

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Unlock smartphone locked to a network
Smartphone You
need to get the IMEI code for your hand phone The
first step for unlocking the Smartphone is to get the IMEI code of your
device. The easiest way to do it is to press *#06#. Alternatively, you will get
the number mentioned in the packing box ...

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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy We receive and collect visitor’s information, as and when you visit this website, but we respect the privacy. The information includes your IP address, your ISP (Internet service provider), the browser you used to visit this website (internet...

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Unlock Alcatel link zone MW40CJ WiFi Router/Modem locked to Idea(India), Airtel and Vodafone
Vodafone, Airtel, and Idea (Network provider in
India) have launched the Alcatel link zone MW40CJ WiFi router/modem, also known
as MiFi router. MW40CJ-2AIJIN3 is written in Idea and MW40CJ-2AVDIN1
in Vodafone behind router. You will find software version MW...
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