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Campaign Defend Nature #defendnature is a new campaign by the RSPB. This campaign has come about due to the EU wanting to weaken the  Directives that protect many species in the UK as well as across Europe, that otherwise might not be there.  Having a good ...

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I'm going to Borneo!!!
Next month I am going to be jetting off to the wonderful island of Borneo! This is for my Tropical Field Ecology module. This is one of the modules that I was most looking forward to this year.

I'm only there for 2 weeks and the trips split into 2 halves....

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Big Garden Birdwatch 2015
So it’s that time of the year again!  The Big Garden Birdwatch is a brilliant
way to see how wildlife is doing across the UK. About half a million people got
involved last year and over 7 million birds were recorded. This has been going
on for 35 years so t...

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Big Cat Photography Training Day.
Big Cat Wildlife Photography. For my 21st Birthday, I got asked if I wanted to do a Jessops Big Cat Photography Course.. Of course I did!!!  It's a day course based at the Cat Survival Trusts Sanctuary in Hertfordshire.  They have lots of cats, as well as a...

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BALULE: Part One!
Balule. Balule is a dangerous game area, so we had to be extra careful and aware of our surroundings whilst doing work here. Balule Private Game Reserve is near Kruger National Park. This was by far my favourite place as it was a lot warmer, our accommodati...

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MANUHA: Part Two!
More Giraffes! You can see how much smaller this juvenile giraffe is here. Again, they were rather close to us, but not nearly as close as before.  Kudu Dung Games Below, some of the guys are seeing who can balance a Kudu dropping on their nose for the long...

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MANUHA: Part One!
Manuha When we arrived at Manuha, there were lots of dogs running around for the first night, until the owners left the next day. My favourite was a Beagle. He was adorable, playful and a little soppy. Meercat Colony On our first walk, we saw a meercat colo...

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Today, 22nd September, is World Rhino Day!  Rhinos are in serious danger of vanishing from the wild. 1004 rhinos were poached in South Africa alone last year. This number is increasing each year and soon the population numbers are going to go down and quick...

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Vegetation Survey Our first survey was a vegetation survey in a quartz field. This area is an area of Scientific Interest. many plants can only grow here because the quartz can lower the t emperature by about 10 °C.   As the area is semi-arid, it gets rathe...

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Finally put photos of South Africa on Flickr!
So unfortunately I've had some technical difficulties and so I have only just been able to put all of my South Africa photos onto Flickr. I know I've shown you guys a few of them on here, but I took many, many more! So if you want to have a look then just g...
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