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Fear The Stateless World!
Hello Reader, While fighting with my unruly mind to see whether I would get to sleep tonight or not it suddenly threw me a curve ball. Apparently inspired by a conversation with a relative tonight who holds some opposing views I got onto a line of thought t...

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Opinions! Why we love them so damned much!
Good morning Reader, Enjoying your Saturday morning? I must say I find Saturday to be a rather rubbish day, don't get what all the fuss is about. Speaking of opinions I was being a wall-flower the other day and listening to a conversation that I don't think...

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Rationalising and Justification of Actions
Hello Reader, It's been a while since my last post, I guess those juices just haven't been flowing lately. But this morning I suddenly started on what I found to be an interesting chain of thought while considering Russia and Turkey's actions around the Tur...

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My Insomnia
Remember that frustration you have felt when you know you should have gotten something that you missed out on? How that frustrating builds to a strange, helpless rage as your goal or prize continues to else you?  The you start to get angry at yourself and d...

Why is it that people are only a little interested in who finn might date but everyone is crazeballs obsessed with who gonna should date? She can't just be cool and happy by herself and enjoy adventuring?

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The Making Of Love
Good Evening Reader. A late Sunday night post for me today but after a riveting discussion with a friend I felt I should post some of the ideas and thoughts that were thrown around. Specifically we were talking about people's ideals and values so naturally ...

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A Bit Of Humor
Slightly different post to usual here. On an impulse I came up with a joke and turned it into what the kids call a bitstrip. Enjoy:

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Good Afternoon Reader, I've been doing quite a bit of thinking about positivist and happiness today. Yesterday I found myself in exceptionally high spirits and it's the weekend now and things are looking up. One thing that has been a consistent source of go...

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Strength of Character
Hello Again Reader, Busy day for me today. In addition to my thoughts on the nature of capitalism I've also been wanting to write something about an are that I've often been drawn to for many years now. I first started pondering this after hearing a great q...

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Capitalism: The End Of The Race
Good Morning Reader, Capitalism was a genius idea. At it's core you harness people's nature to compete and excel and by allowing them to compete you ensure a high level of productivity. It encourages high levels of economic growth, satisfaction for people w...
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