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Amnesty International has urged Formula One to call off the Bahrain GP, saying the "country's human rights crisis is over."

On Friday, the FIA confirmed that the Bahrain Grand Prix will go ahead as scheduled on April 22nd despite concerns regarding the volatile situation within the island kingdom.

And although F1 has taken the stand of not mixing sports and politics, Amnesty International says demonstrators are still be tortured and detained in clashes with the police.

"With the world's eyes on Bahrain as it prepares to host the grand prix, no one should be under any illusions that the country's human rights crisis is over," Amnesty's Middle East and North Africa deputy director Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui told Sky News.

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Lewis Hamilton says he's not yet ready to re-sign with McLaren but hopes to "still be here in the coming years in Formula One".

Hamilton's five-year McLaren contract expires at the end of this year, leaving the 2008 World Champion free to sign with any team he wants.

Over the last year the 27-year-old has been linked to a move to Red Bull or Ferrari while more recently there are rumours that he could be off to Mercedes as Michael Schumacher's replacement.

But, for now at least, Hamilton is keeping his own council on where his future may rest, although insists he is happy right where he is.

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The best way to get through a traffic jam.

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Everybody should see this video Please..Please and Please.

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Future Of Formula 1

Green Venom +Formula 1 Eco – Snake Inspired Racing Car (Via :
Green Venom Formula 1 Eco – Snake Inspired Racing Car (4 photos)
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Modern F1 Closed Cockpit Concept (10 photos)
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HRT names new technical director

Veteran engineer Toni Cuquerella will assume the role of technical director at struggling HRT with immediate effect.

F1 backmarker HRT has finally filled the void created by the pre-season exit of Geoff Willis, naming veteran engineer Toni Cuquerella to the role of technical director with immediate effect.

Willis left the team in September 2011 concerned - rightly as it turns out - that there was little in the way of budget for development - and the decision was made for HRT's current F112 to be built at its technical office in Munich in the hands of the Holzer Group and chief of aerodynamics Stephane Chosse, under the supervision of technical co-ordinator Jacky Eeckelaert.

Speaking to the Press Association last week, Button said that, while he was enjoying the challenge of competing alongside fellow F1 champion Hamilton at McLaren, he was welcome the opportunity to go head-to-head with someone like Alonso if the chance were to arise. What the Briton, who shares this year's two races wins with the Ferrari driver, didn't say is that he had already been given the opportunity to do just that

Vettel: There are a lot of races to come

Jenson Button has admitted that he is currently enjoying life in F1 so much that he can't imagine a time when he would elect to call it a day and leave the sport.
"Driving a good car always helps,” he told the Press Association. "And when you're able to fight for victories it makes a massive difference, in particular after you've been racing for 12 to 13 years in the sport. Because I'm racing for McLaren, it's a team that has achieved so much in its career in Formula One. Even if we have an uncompetitive car, you still believe in the future you will get a competitive car.
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