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I am a cranky, liberal, intersectional feminist who has no time for bullshit. Do not comment with unsolicited advice, 'splaining, derailments, unnecessary pedantry, bigotry, come-ons, or other assorted crap in my space. All such comments are at risk of deletion without warning, bitingly expletive-laden retorts, and/or blocking.

I owe you nothing. Freedom of speech is not a mandate to be heard.

Now if you can behave, come on in because there's cake and snark and geeklove.

I used to have several opt-in notify circles but G+ killed that. I do not run collections because they have poor functionality that I'm not going to rehash here.

Now that G+ doesn't let me see if a given person has me in circles or not - a sure-fire way to identify drive-by trolls - and has taken away my ability to limit comments to Extended Circles, all while still failing to grant users reasonable methods of controlling trolls, I have decided to set my posts to circles only for commenting. I'm just too tired to deal with endless bigots and bullshit. I apologize if this means nice people I don't have in circles can't comment anymore, but I'm just tired of it.

In fact I'm getting really sick of G+ in general and posting on FB more ( FB is evil, but functional. G+ is broken unless you're a straight white guy.

If you read this far and like geeky feminist romance, congratulations, here's a coupon for $1 off my novel Finding Gaia at Smashwords. It's also available at Amazon but they don't let me make coupons.

Promotional price: $3.99
Coupon Code: AC26H
Expires: December 31, 2018

Say what you will about the horror show that is a preschooler, but nobody else applauds you and tells you, "Well done!" for correctly stepping into your own trousers.

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For "Finding Gaia" readers, the novel has just started to unfold in real time...Don and Jason would be talking in his office in NYC right now with the opening scene. 

So is it even possible to search your own posts anymore?

Used to be able to enter a search term and then use a pull-down menu to select various options like posts from you or posts from your circles.

I can't find that and I can't find the post I'm looking for.

Every day I find a new reason to abandon G+, I swear.

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I'm the one who tagged her in, trying to praise the awesome costume, but Karen's braver than I and was treated poorly for it. I'm quite unhappy right now.
I was tagged in a post showing kids dressed up as xenomorphs waiting to get into the new Aliens movie. Just above the response tagging me was a shitty fat shaming comment.

I considered just commenting about how awesome the photo was, considering it wasn't my thread and neither the OP or commenter are in my circles. But you know what? Fuck that.

I posted my comment about how awesome the costumes were, but also asked why was there a fat shaming comment.

I got spanked by the OP, and then my comment (and his spanking) got deleted.

Of course, the fat shaming comment is still there.

Because people are awful sometimes. And apparently it's OK to fat shame children cosplaying for something they love, but calling out fat shaming on someone else's thread is terrible.

And this is why we can't have nice things.

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THIS. Once again, Anita tells it like it is and once again a bunch of people will get defensive and make excuses as to why their participation in this ugly mess is justified.

You will NEVER see me participating in the abhorrent lookism and enforcement of toxic masculinity that so many liberals routinely spew about the president. I even won't share posts or articles where he's referred to as a "cheeto" or having small hands or whatever.

And the excuses of "we're just highlighting what he does to others" are BULLSHIT. You're sinking to his level and finding amusement in it and finding a thin way to justify it.

This man is awful. He is dangerously, incredibly, truly horrible in so many direct, provable ways that don't require any commentary on his body or homophobic jokes.

You can all be better than this. You just have to give a shit to try.

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Here's episode three featuring +Kyla Myers and Mike McCarey​.

Kyla and I talk about the Frosting Creators of San Antonio​ show and gush about so many of our amazing cake friends in this episode, including Samuel Plont​, Shanna Miller​, Sidney Galpern​, Jo Mienie​, Ruth Rickey​, Sara Laird Weber​, Judy Yhu​, Dawn Coffin- Parrott​, Jacqui Kelly​, Timbo Sullivan​, and so many others that I can't remember them all.

And we worship the Cake God. I have a new little special sound to play every time someone mentions Mike McCarey. I'm sure he'll forgive me, eventually... > . >

Show notes are here:

You can click the link below to go listen on Soundcloud or you can subscribe on iTunes here: (it's not up yet as I post this link but it should show up there within the next hour).

I have posted on Facebook that with the actual "start" of the Finding Gaia novel coming up next week, I will do audiobook style readings as the book unfolds over the next year but only if I am assured of enough of an audience.

It's a LOT of work, especially with kids in the house and everything else I've got going on right now.

So if people want me to do readings timed to the days of the book as it unfolds over the next year, I need at least 25 people to tell me by the end of today that 1) they will listen, 2) they will buy the ebook (if they haven't already) because this audiobook thing would be totally free so that's the way to support it, and 3) they will help spread the word and share it with friends.

Seriously, if 25 of you say yes to those three things in comments by the end of the day on either this post or the Facebook post, I'll do it.

So if that's something you want, sign up and get friends to as well.

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If you don't have a facebook account, please post your comment here on this post and I'll link this on the OP so the kids can see it goes beyond FB too.

Hahaha yeah it's super funny that those dickbag racist protestors about the Confederate statues used tiki torches hahaha we all get to laugh at them safely from our point of privilege don't we?

Except please remember that to POC in the area, a white crowd wielding torches - even dumbass torches - IS STILL A CROWD OF WHITE PEOPLE WAVING TORCHES AT THEM.

And it is within living memory that a crowd like that came to kill them and their families.

It's not funny. It's no joke. It's a terrorist mob organized to terrify black people.

Waving off those crowds of racists as funny is the epitome of white privilege.

Remember that.
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