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Malaysia... Negaraku

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Jom singgah tgk pakaian tuk anak2... berkenan leh beli tp ni bundle la bukan baru tau...

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Jom singgah tgk pakaian bundle tuk anak2...

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Jemput ziarah blog ummi tuk tgk baju anak2...bundle je la yea... klau berkenan leh beli!! JOM!!!

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Subhan_Allah MA SHA ALLAH Allah Akbar

LAKE Waterfall of Rivendell .....

The Beautiful lake is located in the south East Europe .The Lake Is One Of The 20 Most Beautiful Lakes in the world is having on 17th Place 33000 hectares of land in SuccessionIncluding 16 lakes connected by Waterfall.
The lake has many Caves and Two Rivers Formed by the White River and the Black River Flow in which the River Korana.
In the Second Round of the New Wonders of the World Save the Beauty of this park Amazingly Increased Ise

#photography #sunrisephotography


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khas tuk baby 12-18 bulan.. 
Hanya RM8 sahaja

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tuk anak yang berusia 6-12 bulan...

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short pant tuk boboi 3 tahun
hanya RM4 jer

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Thomas & Friends Tshirt (bundle) tuk anak-anak
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