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It's very nice to see so many people enjoying #Aviate  
I think it's time to let you know that your home location, and installed apps (and I guess more info) is accessible for free to anybody.

No need of NSA or spying software, just visit this link: *EDIT* Link has been fixed/patched

If you are curious, your device ID can be found in your logcat also world readable.

Enjoy and thanks +Arvid Gerstmann for the finding.
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Not for me: wrong app list, wrong location (points to Germany, I'm in France)
How can we find our device ID +Waza_Be 
Would that be the phones serial #?If so I tried that and said page not found
I just see a blank page.
Blank page on mobile Chrome and Firefox for the above link. Solved?
Seems as though there trying to fix it, maybe?
I'm still not trusting this bull. 
Oh noes! The NSA knows I play games at work!! stomps phone
Uhhh...yeah. Either this is complete crap, or the Aviate team patched it. The link just takes me to a blank white page.
Its is fixed now.
The fix is the blank page!
Before that, one could see infos like gps coordinates and installed apps of any device out there that uses Aviate, by simply giving a device id, like "ead6b990510e4d9d". This is no behavior that one wishes.
Randy L
+Maximilian Salomon actually yes I do, I assumed they were referring to fixing/patching the white screen not that the vulnerability was patched... way to make yourself look like an ass for no reason. 
Would so appreciate an invite/ code couldn't get mine to work. Got the reservation & had someone send an invite but email wasn't received. Tyvm. ollierenee39@yahoo
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