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Stand up comedy from “Just a Minute’s” Nicholas Parsons

Revamped and revised from his previous show ‘A Life in Comedy’, in this anecdotal entertainment, comedian Nicholas Parsons from Just A Minute shares his experiences of the unpredictable and fascinating aspects of life and work in the various branches of show business.

His ability as a solo performer and raconteur are a constant joy and the humorous revelations keep his audience continually enthralled, He is more irrepressible, more outrageous, more surprising and more hilarious than you have ever seen him before!

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Once powerful and respected - then overthrown by Antonio - Prospero is stranded on ‘The Island’, a migrant camp in the year 2020. When a passing ship of politicians and dignitaries - amongst them Antonio - ventures close to The Island, Prospero seizes an opportunity for justice by summoning a fearsome tempest.

Set against a backdrop of mass migration and political corruption, fragments of Verbatim Journalism and striking digital projections punctuate Shakespeare’s original scenes.

This production is a collaboration between Untold Theatre and Yellowbelly Theatre - in recognition of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. There will be collections at each performance in support of Doctors without Borders.

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Film Director and Photographer Harry Hook spent his childhood in Kenya and has been filming beautiful images of the African Continent and its people for over forty years. His photographs are regularly published by newspapers and magazines and his films shown on TV and in cinemas around the world. Join Harry for an unforgettable evening of extraordinary stories, and unique film footage as he tells the epic story of Africa’s people and their inspiring journey from the land to the city. In his talk he covers a vast span of places and people and shines fresh light on Africa past and present.For anyone who knows Africa, or hopes to visit in the future, this is an evening not to be missed.

The photographs are really magnificent. One can see the affection and understanding of Africa in every image. - Alexander McCall Smith on About Africa by Harry Hook.

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Fabulously fun, international award- winning musical based on the adored movie.

Legally Blonde the Musical followsthe transformation of Elle Woods, accompanied by her Chihuahua Bruiser, as she tackles stereotypes, snobbery and scandal in pursuit of her dreams.

This action packed musical explodes on the stage with memorable songs and dynamic dances. Equal parts hilarious and heart-warming, this musical is so much fun it should be illegal!

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"Set at the end of the 1940's as Britain gets back on its feet after the war. The wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten provides the background for this hilarious musical comedy based on the play "A Private Function". The musical involves a pig, chiropodist a music teacher and spam. You will love it!"

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By Timberlake Wertenbaker.

Directed by Gemma Fairlie.

Observed by a lone, mystified Aboriginal Australian, the first convict ship arrives in Botany Bay, 1788, crammed with England’s outcasts. Colony discipline in this vast and alien land is brutal. Three proposed public hangings incite an argument: how best to keep the criminals in line, the noose or a more civilised form of entertainment? The ambitious Second Lieutenant Ralph Clark steps forward with a play. But as the mostly illiterate cast rehearses, and a sense of common purpose begins to take hold, the young officer’s own transformation is as marked and poignant as that of his prisoners.

A profoundly humane piece of theatre, steeped in suffering yet charged with hope, Timberlake Wertenbaker’s Our Country’s Good (based on a true story) celebrates the redemptive power of art.

25 years ago, Our Country’s Good premiered at the Royal Court Theatre before transferring to the West End and Broadway, winning major awards on both sides of the Atlantic.

Contains strong language, violence and scenes of an adult nature.

£15 full £10 concession.

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Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Adapted from the novel by Philip Monks.

Directed by Jenny Stephens.

Ahoy there shipmates!

Join us on the high seas for an action-packed adventure full of mirth, music and mischief. This new version of the classic story follows our young hero Jim Hawkins as he pits his wits against the sinister Long John Silver and his lively pirate crew.

Watch out for the wayward parrot, who always has the last word. Beware Blind Pew and the Black Spot. Meet Ben Gunn, the mysterious Man of the Island and discover the truth of the hidden treasure.

You'll find comedy and thrilling drama in this tall tale before you find yourself safely ashore full of song and dance and with a merry grin on your face.

So hoist the mainsail and prepare to sit on the edge of your seat for a swashbuckling adventure this Christmas!

Suitable for 5yrs+.

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Sat 10 Dec 11.00am & Sat 17 Dec 2016 10.00am & 11.30am

Written by Kim Durham.

Directed by Paul Clarkson.

Such a familiar tale - yet so strange and full of wonder.

A young woman is expecting, three magi are researching the heavens and two shepherd children are bored out of their heads minding the sheep - well nothing interesting ever happens around Bethlehem in December, does it?!

Wise men (and not so wise men), talking sheep, angels, a shepherd family, camels, a horrible Herod, and carols (old and new) all go to make up a magical retelling of the story of the first Christmas.


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Meet Jason and the Argonauts – the original superheroes!

A refugee forced out of his own land, Jason sets out on an epic quest across the known universe to find the magical Golden Fleece, that will prove his identity, and allow him to find a home.

Around him Jason assembles the ultimate crew of misfits and outcasts –

Heracles, the strongest man in the world, doomed to perpetual wandering;

Zetes, part-man part-god, possessed with the power of flight; Atalanta, warrior princess, raised by wild bears;

Orpheus, the legendary musician, driven mad by grief.

His journey brings him face-to- face with terrifying dangers – the Harpies, the giant Amycus, an army of skeletons – before having to face the ultimate peril… himself.

A bold theatrical style, clear, accessible storytelling, and live music bring these Ancient Greek legends vividly to life for a new generation.

‘The Argonauts – we have nothing to lose but our fear!’

Suitable for anyone over the age of five with a taste for adventure!
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