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Stephen Dix
Wargamer since the 1970s, back into it 100% now the kids are grown up and career no longer that important
Wargamer since the 1970s, back into it 100% now the kids are grown up and career no longer that important

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A Sharp Practice game as part of the Dawns & Departures campaign
OK, first of all a confession - I am being lazy here and completely copying Rich Clarke's Peninsular campaign, including the map.  All that is different is the force compositions - we have just gone for typical forces as listed at the back of the rule book....

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English Civil War : Pike & Shotte
Yesterday, we got together at Graham's place (Bob, Graham & I) for a game using Graham's superb collection supported by one or two of my troops. A peaceful pastoral scene - about to be ruined by our battle ! Graham's Royalist army arrives  complete with art...

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Sharp Practice AWI style
Our club game today was an AWI skirmish taken from one of Chris Stoesen's marvellous PDFs covering the southern campaign (these were written for the first set of Sharp Practice rules but easily adapt to SP2) This particular one was called Little Lyches and ...

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The Battle of Montmirail, 11th February 1814
This was our club game on Sunday involving 12 players. Played out on a 18' x 6' surface. The French are faced with a combined Russian & Prussian force (four Russian infantry divisions, two cavalry plus two Prussian divisions) The French start with two infan...

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The Defence of Ciudad Espanola
In "Albion Triumphant", the Black Powder Peninsular Campaign supplement, we noticed that the Battle of Granja de la Abundancia game we fought recently has a follow- up game, titled as above, a mini-campaign, as it were. In this, the forces used before conti...

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The Battle of Granja de la Abundancia : A Black Powder Game
A game around at my Billericay War Rooms today, taken from the Black Powder Peninsular Campaign booklet "Albion Triumphant" Both sides had three brigades, each to reflect typical formations available in the Peninsular. The British were approaching from the ...

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A return to Dux Britanniarum
Steve and I had agreed to introduce some new players at the club to Dux Brit, so a battle was decided upon to get the most people involved and extra units added in to make sure everyone had something to do. This is the scene - a village in the centre, woods...

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Fondler's Siege : a Sharp Practice Campaign
Two days, two war-games ! Today, it was over to Steve Clarke's for a return to our Fondler campaign - Chapter 13, Fondler's Siege. This 2008 Campaign Supplement from Too Fat Lardies has given us many hours of fun so it was good to return to it - especially ...

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The Romans in Gaul
Mike hosted a post-Christmas game at his place today for six of us, pitting Romans against Gauls, mostly from Mike's own collection with a few Roman units from mine. Rafael and I had the Romans, Martin and Ian the Gauls with Mike umpiring (Richard turned up...

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The Rescue of a British Lady - a TMWWBK game
This was our Essex Warriors Christmas game, fought with Richard and Ian being the British and the "Two Steves" the evil Afghans. Alan and Mike acting as impartial umpires (most of the time anyway !) A walled Afghan market town is the British objective Where...
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