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I have to say that so far there is one thing about Google+'s design sense that I like better than Facebook's: They HAVE one.
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Ouch ! But I have to disagree with you .. (GASP!)
Agreed. They seem to have got a nice mix of the things that worked with facebook and twitter, and left all the clutter.
Its a very nice and clean look compared to FB, but I think Id prefer more whitespace either side of the main comment stream, rather then the gap currently on the far left and right.
Googles overall design direction I think is extremely positive for them. Easy on the eyes and feels right.
welcome cartoonist ! Heu.. we have access to some of your trip's photo... is that wished ?
Whatever, you should create a "numeric cartoon circle" for all of us enjoying it !
Yeah, those are all public photos. Will create cartoonist circles soon!
It's amazing how quickly cartoonists have migrated here. My comic book circle is already bulging with talent.
Sharing media rich posts is so easy. I'm already hooked on G+
it seems that artists quickly grasp G+, do not know why...
Perhaps it's because we spend a lot of time uploading, blogging and otherwise interacting with the internet for self promotion... :D
I've just noticed when you comment on photos they literally used a cartoon dialogue bubble.
>Anise : excuse my french, "grasp" wasn't the right word. I meant, comparing to facebook that just seem to be a "mandatory", artists (the french ones at least) seems to like G+ more than FB. Design perhaps ? or circle enable to have a public life and a private one without managing multiple account ?
Zephir, I think you hit the nail on the head with managing public and private life. I, for one, have to have at least 2 or 3 accounts for almost everything, but circles solve this problem.

I'm also an art teacher and I want to network with my students so I can share with them the wide world of art online. But I can't do that on FB because of privacy concerns. Here I can add them to a circle so that they only see what I want them to and can act with the utmost professionalism.
Let's face it. It's cleaner and easier to use. There is no reason it shouldn't destroy facebook. We'll see what happens though. ULTIMATE POWER STRUGGLE
Yeah, indeed, people who've only one "kind" of community (ie family or friends) are probably not about to leave FB but for every of us who wanna share a lot of one aspect of their personnality but nothing from others, it's quite good. I know a lot of artists who never want to show their drawings to friends and family but want to show it to every body else.
The big problem with using it as a free portfolio site is the whole migration thing. I have to move everything here from facebook... And as someone who really doesn't care if people find out I'm a bit strange in the head (people in general don't much care I've noticed) the split between personal and public is kinda strange. BUT the greatest upside is the twitter feel of it. Its not like, for example Neil Gaiman would add me on Facebook, he doesn't know me, why should he bother? I still want to read the things he write though.

Here, best of both worlds. While I can write and comment he can still keep me well out of what he doesn't write publicly. Hopefully someone will see what I write or draw and think "hmmm what a lovely man, we must hire him post-haste! Give him money, tequila and fast yachts - the only way to make an illustrator feel at home!"... or something like that, the last part may be changed to "What a dope, lets hire him for tiny amounts of cash or preferrably fruit!" :)

Also, you can tell there has been some significant thought put in to the UX instead of JUST the UI. There are things here and there (aggregation and sorting, etc) that I'd like to see improved and expanded, but over all I'm liking it quite a bit.
Well, remember the context Fbook arrived in. All it had to do was look better than MySpace, which was... mind numbing.
I was thinking the same thing! How easy it was to pick off MySpace because of the horrible design, and now is history about to repeat itself?
Google + is also very close to the integration that FB aims for. The problem is actually too much integration, for those who wish more separation.

I'm not sure if managing privacy with google + will be easier, more consistently ethical, or not.
A lot of people are staying on facebook because they like the apps and crap the rest of us hate.
Nicholas, we can only hope that it remains thus... a visually appealing intuitive social site without the bombardment of farmville or mafia wars? THAT is a "+1"
Whatever happens, "Friendster" is was and always will be the cutest name for a networking site.
I have to say I might prefer the image quality on G+ to facebook, the internet is no longer eating my colours!
Now if they can just turn it into a decent app. The interface on my iPad is somewhat ... lacking.
But will the Design keep us together?
I believe that Google+ can integrate apps cleanly and effectively. You can just delegate them to their own circles and they won't disrupt your other business. Now Google+ needs to have it so you can exclude a certain circle from a stream. Grouping circles in a stream would be nice too. A checkbox system would do nicely.
That Drezz, is EXACTLY how I feel. Apps were horribly intrusive on facebook. I hope Google+ would take a more mature approach to their development for this platform to make them constructive rather than destructive time wasters.
I just found out I could post to certain circles so I don't have to stick to one topic in fear of boring people...That's amazing!
So far, I like circles. That is all. :)
the only good thing about google plus is how many cartoonists are actually using it.
I think 1 in 10 of my "suggested profiles" have cartoon thumbnails.
LOL, yeah, I'm surprised at how many cartoonists I'm actually connected to here. They're actually the MAJORITY of my list!
LOL yeah, I am finding that comics, art, etc looks pretty snazzy as posts, instead of weird links etc.
I agree, as a mexican self taught animator/game designer it was really hard to filter useful info from spam. Google +'s filled with artists of great talent. Google + makes it easier to be exposed to greater quality of work.
Most people I follow here are cartoonists. It doesn't make it any less annoying that now I have to follow them on twitter, tumblr, facebook, their websties, AND G+. And they post different things in every one. ):
I think it is a bit bare bones. So much wasted space. I suspect it looks better on a mobile device. Still better than MySpace. That was excessive!!
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