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Holy Moly, what a beautiful 24-hour comic from Boulet. Took a couple extra hours I guess, but hey, I could take an extra week and it wouldn't look this good.

Part of Angouleme's annual 24 hour event with about 450 participants this year.
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Having made four 24-hr comics, myself, I find that every one I read is as fabulous as the others.

Makes me feel humble in comparison :-I
Wow! Very fresh.
I love the scroll-down format, it really works for me, and for stream-of-narrative webcomics. Like Wormworld.

I really can't tell that it's done in 24 hours, except maybe that's why it's so brilliant.
This was an AWESOME read! It started out great and just kept getting better and better... Thanks for sharing!
It was really, really beautiful :D
Wow 26 hours, that's amazing I flip at the tought of doing a comic in 24 hours, its amazing got somuch detail in in 26 hours.
That's great. I almost hope he didn't actually finish that in 24 hours!
Really awesome! Thanks for the share!
Boulet's 24 hours comics are always awesome. They're all on his blog, mainly in January
+Scott McCloud : Do you happen to know of any cutting edge science fiction-based webcomics? I've appreciated some of your past recommendations, and I didn't know if you might have any further recommendations on some in this field? I'm looking to do a comparison / contrast to past SF comics from years past, and any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Scott. I'll be sure to check it out!
+Forrest Helvie cutting edge can mean a lot of things in that particular context! :) I know you asked Scott directly, but I really like where "Supermassive Black Hole A*" is going. It is very stylish. Also very sciencey, and recently moved from computer aided drawing to hand-painting. That's another neat thing, you can actually follow how the artist settles into the new tool, see the learning curve and how different one medium is to another.
Thank you so much ! I'm very happy you liked my comic. And such a kind article from an artist from whom I've learned so much means a lot for me ! :)
We brievely met in a festival in France a few years ago, I hope we'll have another occasion to talk soon !
I think it was just perfect, +John J. Boulet, everything is really good. The facial expressions and body movements are very good, as well as the story, and the humour. The characters are consistent and believable (even the caricatural ones:), and then, the flow. The flow is superb. Thanks for creating it! Nice avatar by the way! :D
+John J. Boulet Haha! Just commented on your G+, and realized you'd commented on this thread. ^__^

Yes, hope to make it back to Angouleme and see you again, one of these years. Thanks for making great comics.
Holy crap.That was awesome. Why isn't there an app to collect these 24hr stories together??? I love it.
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