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Good luck to everyone participating in 24--Hour Comics Day today!

My reward for doing the first one (over 20 years ago) is that now I never have to do it again. Heh-heh.

If you'd like to follow people's minute-to-minute progress on Twitter, use the hashtag #24hcd:

And of course, check out the official site below.
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The great thing about doing 24hr comic every year, is that if you can finish 24 pages in 24 hours, any other project deadline for the rest of the year pales in comparison.
+Scott McCloud haha! Good luck on your 500+ hour comic, then ^^ (I look forward to reading your latest book!)
At 24 pages a day, 464 pages is less than three weeks work, and you still have time left over for some pizza, pepsi, potty breaks and a few cat naps. Whatcha complaining about?
Cayen S
I'm having fun with this excersise
I've been trying to organize one in SW Missouri but haven't found a store willing/able to host.
Perth Australian peeps are in the horrid 2am section of the challenge.
your books are still awesome to me.
I had to travel from Houston to Austin to find a place that would host it. They were doing it from 5PM on Saturday to 5PM the next day. Needless to say, I finished in about 21 hours (with about 2-3 hours of eating/chit-chat) and I sent it in for some sort of competition. Does anyone know about what happens with them outside of the individual locations and their rewards?
I finished page 24 exactly 24 hours after beginning. It wasn't until I read over the pages a day later that I realized I had no page 16. Inadvertant Gaiman.
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