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Just out of curiosity: If you had to get rid of either your Facebook account or your Google+ account forever right now, which would it be?

(I figure advantage to FB for longevity/advantage to G+ 'cause I'm asking the question here).
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I deleted nonfamily from Facebook when I moved here so I'd keep Facebook just because the endless grief I'd get from relatives if I deleted it.
I think if I had to, it would be Facebook, only for the fact once 3rd party development becomes available, google will be much more friendly towards developers.
I've gotten more out of G+ in 3 weeks than years of FB.
The only reason I keep my Facebook is because I'm the only one updating my work's page there. =/
Right now? Facebook if I must pick. The people I keep in regular contact with there I can easily keep in touch with via email other sites.
Facebook for me has always been more personal, so I'll keep that for family stuff. But G+ is awesome for eveything else, including family. So maybe when more family come over to G+ then Facebook will go.
I've already deleted my fb account - though that's been on the cards for some time. It became too much of a chore, like actual work.
I'd delete my Facebook with much regret... but I'll be over it in about 16, 20 hours at most. I think...
Facebook. Because I, uh, have never used it. That and because I will never farm or mine or whatever the crap you do on there.
FB, I have nothing there but mafiawars and restaurant city craps.
Facebook. Currently, I only use it message family and friends. I hardly post there now.
Facebook definitely. Still have FB accounts because most of my friends and family are still there but if that changes I will consider dropping it
Hmm.. I'm using G+ for art inspiration and good conversation.. but my family are all on facebook, and they'd be very angry if I disappeared from there.. so sadly it'd be G+ that had to go.
I prefer G+ to facebook at the moment largely because G+ is new and fresh. We should see where G+ is going before really committing.
I haven't had FB more than a few months -- I got it right before Christmas. So it hasn't got much of a longevity advantage. I hate the management of info there, the games, the apps, and the way they force you to try new features.
I'm going to hold onto my Facebook page for a bit longer, but to get into practice I have deleted Myspace.
Facebook with a bullet. The only reason I didn't already delete mine is for professional networking, and picking up people in bars.
As of now, I'd dump FB. They've made too many "improvements" over the last two years which are annoying/less efficient. I'm liking G+ so far, but it's in its early stage.
Actually, I'm keeping both - too much effort already put into FB to drop it.
Easily remove Facebook, not because everyone is going to say that. Because it's just not as effective when I want to organize who I can specifically send messages to and keep up to date with them.
Facebook. I check it about once a day to keep up with friends who haven't switched yet. But I do all my posting here.
Facebook in a hot second. I barely use Facebook. Most of the people I have friended over there are old friends from high school who friended me after our 20-year reunion. With the exception of a handful of family who have already followed me here, there's almost no one there I post to. I've also met more people here that I've developed good friendships with, and it has enriched my cartooning beyond measure.
There are a number of my friends who still use Facebook and refuse to transfer to Google+, so if I delete Facebook I'd be losing contact with a few of my good friends. If not for that, then I'd use Google+ over FB. lol
I've never joined Facebook and I don't intend to.
It's funny - I see all the moaning and gnashing of teeth about FB not letting go of my info so I can put it here. I don't want it here. I don't even want to invite everyone I know there here.

I'd hate to choose because of all the cool people I've met here but at the moment I'd keep my FB. I like how it works here but I don't have the client saturation here I do there.
I'd get rid of FB, it's fine for talking to people I already know, but without that I'd just use that thingamajig with all the phone numbers. This is something else.
The responses here are pretty one sided. You should ask this question on FB.

G+ reflects a nice integration with my wordpress webpage (finally ranking in just a few days), not to mention the integration with gmail, maps, youtube.. everything seems easy here. today they seem so alike, but as time goes; G+ will cover so much of the social communication of our era.
Whoa. '•__•'

I know this hardly a scientific survey, but I had no idea that it would be such a lopsided battle! ^__^

Will definitely ask the question on Facebook.
I've always called FB a glorified email. I meant that as a compliment and still do, but it wouldn't be a big deal to lose.
Facebook makes me unhappy, it's a responsibility and not fun. This is fun and clean and cool and useful and Google. I would've dropped Facebook out a long time ago if there had been a choice.
Definitely ditch Facebook. Only reason I still use it is most of my friends haven't switched yet.
Now asking on Twitter.

Should have started there!
I'd get rid of Facebook
Since G+ adds to a group of services that I already use several thousand times daily (Gmail and Reader mostly) and FB had always been this vestigial element to my daily surfing, I also like Google's design, even though they change Gmail all the time I never feel like I don't understand the best way to use it, unlike every time they change Facebook. FB also changes their privacy settings and image terms of use every other day, and always for the worst, as an artist something you always have to consider!
I dumped Facebook long ago.
Bye Facebook...bye Twitter and bye Tumblr for that matter.
If I had to choose...
G+- but not quite yet, please; Facebook still has its uses.
Facebook, no question. I get SO much more engagement here. I've already got 6x more connections here than I had with FB after years.
I still use Facebook for my art page, but I would give it up if I was forced to choose
I'm spending more time on G+ now, but I'm willing to hold on to fb for a while longer.
Twitter comments so far, varied.

FB comments so far: Virtually none.
Eventually Facebook. I currently have family and friends that follow me on there. The engagement and discovery I get from G+ FAR surpasses whatever Facebook can ever provide with their system.
Oops, I phrased it backwards.G+ is the future.
As long as i could keep my Twitter,I would kill Facebook.
I'd get rid of facebook — and likely will, once the majority of my friends/contacts migrate over to G+
Facebook feels like a static feed of shares with games on the side. Whereas G+ is whatever you make of it - like clay. The potential as a learning, sharing, and productivity tool seems only limited by how you use it.
If G+ and FB came out at the same time I would have never made a Facebook account; or if I did also make a FB account I wouldn't of paid nearly as much attention to it as I do G+.

Course now it's a question of all my contacts, some of which are exclusive to FB, and loosing them all since many haven't hopped on G+. Tough choice.
Facebook was never alive to me. (Yes, I do have it.)
And, Scott, that link only works for you.
I answered you on FB already, but here is my answer on Google+, just to show how connected the world of internetz is...

They seem to serve two different things at this point. Google+ seems to be a really robust twitter at this point, however, it does not yet have nearly enough connecting tools to make the friends and family communication worth while. Also, at this point, none of my non-tech friends have set up Google+ accounts, so in order to maintain a connection to them FB proves to be more useful. So at this time, Google+ would be the one to go.
I've never used Facebook for anything other than talking to friends, acquaintances and more reluctantly, family. Being largely misanthropic, they piss me off.

Google+, like twitter, is now being used for people whose musings I actually give a fraction of a toss about.

Google+ survives the cut.
Facebook, no contest. It feels too bloated. Google+ still feels light and fresh.
Looking forward to dumping my Facebook account as soon as I can get my most critical friends to buy into G+.
We'll see once I have a work computer that can handle G+. Most of my social networking is done during the day, during lulls in my work- and the computer I use in the day is pretty old. As of now, I can only use G+ in the evening and b/c of I'm feeling out of the loop. I'm sure once I'm on this more frequently I'll discover its many advantages.

I have to say though that I prefer FB's photo album set up. I do not like Picassa at all, actually.
Personal - FB Wins
Engaging with cartoonists - G+ Wins easily
I have a lot of family on Facebook, if not for that, I'd close it down in a heartbeat. But, family or not, if I just HAD to pick now, I'd leave one last FB message with a link to my Google+ profile and never look back.

It took a lot of convincing to get me on FB in the first place, and it's still never fully "clicked" with me the same way I took to Twitter. On the flipside, I've been impressed with G+ since day one and that only increases by the day.
Facebook. Got rid of that many months ago and haven't regretted it once.
I'm keeping both but making G+ what I had originally intended FB to be...a place to share with my peers in the comic community. Now I will have FB for friends and family and G+ for professional connections and networking (although I will babble on sometimes about personal stuff on G+ just to share my humanity;) )
I agree with +Jennifer Babcock - I don't care at all for Picasa. Looking forward to a Google+ API that will allow me to update my G+ feed automatically when I upload photos to Flickr.
If I had to choose, Facebook would be gone in a minute.
Hmm. Still figuring google+ out. Seems interesting, but want to see more development before I make a full commitment.
FB, I have more control over privacy here. What I do enjoy about FB is the newsfeed of people who aren't close friends, but I have fond memories and want to know what they are doing. It's certainly not "close" communication. I wish they were here though. I'd miss scrabble, a lot.
In the couple of weeks that I've had a G+ account, I've had more interactivity with people than I've had through years of FB use. It's like G+ promotes connectivity and I love that!
I love Google+ so much but the users are on FB. As a store I have to connect with my customers wherever they are. I can tell you I've given up Myspace - lol. 
The most important data point for me is that I suddenly feel like I need to drop something be it Twitter or Facebook or (don't I wish) e-mail. Right now, G+ feels the least like a chore.
Nobody wished me a happy birthday on Google+. No happy birthdays! None! I got at least 20 Happy Birthdays on Facebook. Not that the number of Happy Birthdays is a measure of the success of a social networking platform, but it does say something, doesn't it?
Facebook, but G+ too if they manage to Buzz themselves.
Facebook hasn't enchanted me in the two years I've been on it nearly so much as G+ has in just about two weeks. Of course, I never played Farmville, so I guess I missed out on the real quality.
But who wishes you a happy birthday on Google+? Who? Nobody, that's who. Nobody will ever wish you a happy birthday on Google+ unless you make a post about your birthday and let people comment on it, but that's totally cheating. So the answer is still nobody.
I've always hated the interface of FaceBook - too clumsy and unintuitive. Google+ has decent design (probably due to Dan Adkins' involvement, I have lots of hope for the future of it.
Facebook because they are soooo anal about friend requests, people add me as a friend and they shut down my friend requests for 30 days saying I'm spamming or contacting people I don't know. If they are contacting me how is it me who is being the problem? Damn morons!
I'm sick to death of Facebook, and Google+ has yet to prove itself anything more than blowhard tech bloggers' shiny-object-of-the-day. Real people aren't here yet and likely won't leave their stupid games on FB. Make mine (still) Twitter.
Facebook. I just wish more people would move here.
I think even if Google+ didn't exist, I'd be happier if there was no Facebook.
I would prefer using G+ but only if all my people there were here. Right now this is a shiny new land with little population, but I see promise and rich soil.
There's this new thing called Friendster I thought I'd check out.
I'd have to keep Facebook, because that's where the family is. But I'd give up Twitter in favor of Google+.
Google+, but it's still cool, Facebook will probably go the way of myspace in a couple of years, people get bored...
Just started here, so...not ready to delete Facebook. Plus, I do like some of the games on Facebook. Augh, I don't know!
Facebook. I find this to be a lot easier on my eyes and a lot less full of spam. And I don't have people from work/family endlessly bugging me why I'm not friends with them over on google+, unlike facebook.
I never had a Facebook account and only created a G+ account because Google is all that is right in the world.
FB. Google+ feels cleaner, simpler, safer. Better.
I'm hoping one G+ account can eventually replace the need for a multiple 'fb/twitter/tumblr/blog' set up. It would be so nice, and simple, to just have everything in one place.
FB! Although I find FB useful for "broadcasts" which I want to reach total strangers. G+ I love for talking to people I know personally, or share interests with.
Being an extreme introvert, FB never held any interest for me. I find +G a useful way to keep up with my more geek-related interests.
Neither. I like both Facebook and Google Plus.

I like Facebook, because it's the first social network I joined, upon recommendation by my family. Plus, it's a hell of a lot better than MySpace! I found a lot of friends, new ones and old ones I haven't seen in ages. It may have its problems, but I've been able to get around well in spite of them.

And I'm also very impressed with Google Plus. I'm still warming up to it!

So I could never consider deleting either one. I even still have a LiveJournal account that I keep as well, for sentimental and nostalgic reasons.
I haven't discontinued my Facebook yet... But this is the place I post things at. Neither one is perfect, but the fact is that G+ is still young, and can learn. I expect that the minor gripes I have with G+ (No way to search for users based on e-mail address, no support for creating group pages that I know of yet) will be addressed in time, whereas my gripes with Facebook (Ads, annoying games, interface) are there to stay.

I'd delete Facebook.
FB people can't answer because if they knew about G+ they'd be G+ people.
I'd get rid of Facebook. When I first started on Google+ I was unsure about leaving behind all the built up history on Facebook, but now I've become quite attached to having a blank slate. The only thing that's badly missing from Google+ is being able to set up events, monitor RSVPs, etc.
Ouch. It would be a hard decision. I use Facebook for Friends and Family, barely for my comic.

But then, G+ is bringing so much for me for my comic.

In the end, I would probably ditch Facebook but make sure to notify the folks there how they can contact me. The Real friends would then track me if needed
Probably my Facebook, if only to shake off the constant game invites. :\
I deleted my FB about a month ago, and I'm very happy with Google+.
I'd drop Facebook. It wouldn't even take a full second to decide.
Facebo would go, but to be honest, I could do without both.
Facebook. Because my mother will likely never ever use G+ and then friend me. :p
Facebook ~_~, I'm tired of the drama and the lack of privacy.
Facebook at a drop of a hat. But then I won't ever persuade 2 people to defect to G+ so just for them I'll have to keep. It's a 'snog/marry/avoid' and I can't believe I've actually used the phrase. 
Give me a few more days to play on Google+ to decide...
Too much family on FB to quit, and honestly I don't want to "teach" them all the benefits of G+ (Some of which I am still learning.) So, if i had to choose ... since most of my family uses FB as photobucket with games, I would sneak off and use G+ exclusively.
I'll happily get rid of Facebook because G+ offers, surprisingly, better privacy options. My relationships are a bit more complex than friend/non-friend and a social networking site should reflect that. Circles not only offer more privacy, also reduce noise since you don't need to share everything with everyone.
FB. This is more fun and just "feels" better
G+. I'm still unsure about it. They're sorta being dicks about it, and also I have a lot of readers in FB (although I hate both and sort of prefer twitter)
Tim Lai
I have a couple of friends on Facebook who I would like to keep in touch with. If I could get them to move to Google+ then I would definitely rather delete my Facebook account.
FB... G+ just seems a lot more flexible and easy to use and I am assuming it's only a matter of time before everyone on FB is on G+. I am a fan of the circles -I may have a split personality.
FB i would ditch that shit fast
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