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Attention: Idaho!
(and Eastern Washington State)

Join me this Wednesday, March 28, for a public lecture at The University of Idaho in Moscow. I’ll be speaking in the Ag Science Auditorium (Room 106) at 6:30 pm. More details here:

(And if you’re coming in from out of town, be sure to swing by the legendary Safari Pearl, our Moscow hosts during our 50 State Tour in 2007. I don’t have a formal signing this trip, but I plan to swing by and say hi while in town.)
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there's a university in Moscow, Idaho?
...I need to assume that the students drink vodka.
Mike J.
+Christine Task that's probably a safe assumption for students at any university (except BYU, maybe), although these students could do so more ironically than most.
+Christine Task Didn't notice any drunk students when I spoke at U of Idaho in 2003, though many would need a stiff drink after viewing the cows with windows in their stomachs!
+Scott McCloud meep! Or the stalwart students who have to stick their arms up past the elbow into the cow's rear-end. Agriculture school tours do have a tendency to be memorable :-)
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